The Nakatomi Scratch/Dent/Test Sales

This is always a slow week for poster news, but the Nakatomi crew are doing their best to heat it up.  For a mere $40, you can get five random posters packed into a tube.  Some will be perfectly mint, some will be lightly dinged or misprinted, and you will receive a one-of-a-kind test print.  Again, all this for only $40.  Visit

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  1. Kinda unrelated, Is it me or are test prints some of the ugliest things around, every once in a while a cool one will pop up, but most seem messy, and cant even see/tell whats going on, and some artists(not Nak) charge big bucks for what appears to a mess.

  2. I’m actually pretty fond of test prints or misprints. I used to scour the junk pile at my school for tests and stuff like that at the silk screen room.

  3. I ordered mine last night, last Nak tube set i got the DD print from Season 1 of the Invitational, so hoping for something cool again.

  4. Would you ever frame one?

  5. I love me some test prints – they are one-of-a-kind and some of them look amazing when a few different layers come together and form some cool imagery.

  6. Just ordered mine, too. I’ve never purchased anything from Nakatomi but this is just too fun to pass up.

  7. Some test prints look very cool, but it’s rare for me to like them.
    And I haven’t found one that I would frame up yet.

    That being said, some people like the unique and abstract nature of test prints. And others may have missed out on a certain poster or print before and would purchase a test print that has that image, even if it’s mixed with another image.

  8. All great/valid points, agreed, some really nice ones out there, just wanted to discuss since news is slow this week

  9. I’ve got a Choe Obamax2 test print that I like more than the original print itself. For the most part, however, I stay away from test prints. The idea of a one-of-a-kind piece is pretty cool, though.

  10. GONE

  11. don’t worry, they’ll print more

  12. Yeah, I used to work at a print shop where a woman would come in and pay $100 bucks for what I thought was total trash. I’ve come to really appreciate one of a kind test prints though. Sometimes they look awful but I’ve certainly seen some really nice ones too. There are some nice looking ones over at Nakatomi, I can vouch for that. 🙂

  13. NOT GONE..?i just bought one.

  14. haha
    yeah, the ones i see in the Nakatomi pic on this post are pretty cool, at least you can make out whats gooing on it them, they are some of the better ones I have seen. And then like someone mentioned, sometimes you get real lucky and find test prints that look cooler than then the original print

  15. Yeh, I saw they posted that after they had actually put all the tubes together they had enough prints to make something like 10 more tubes worth or something like that.

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