The Doe Eyed Design Poster Sale

To celebrate the new year, plus a new website, Eric from Doe Eyed Design has decided to hold a poster sale from now till the end of January.  Just buy two posters (which are already ridiculously cheap), then you’ll get a third one of your choice for free!  This is a great way to dive into his work head-first.  Visit

4 Responses to “The Doe Eyed Design Poster Sale”

  1. These are good posters and all should get up on the deals. Good I tell you.

  2. That Faint poster looks like Wes’ Arcade Fire from the charity box set Mirror Noir.


  3. Eh, I dont’ see it. Here’s the arcade fire print-

    It’s got red, blue and black, and photo collage, yes, but it’s definitely not a rip.

    That Faint poster is the tits, btw.

  4. My Faint poster is on cream paper. Totally different.

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