Tyler Stout’s “The Warriors” Posters (Onsale Info)

Tyler Stout will release the signed copies of his Warriors posters later today.  He will have some of the regular cut edition, the uncut edition, and the variant edition available.  They will go up today (Tuesday, December 22nd) at a random time.  Either keep your eyes on his website, or sign up for his mailing list at TStout.com.

EDIT:  These are up now, last chance.  Visit Tyler’s Store.

19 Responses to “Tyler Stout’s “The Warriors” Posters (Onsale Info)”

  1. got my copy. im all good

  2. joe…how did you get it, mzan?

  3. my friend managed to pick it up for me about a week ago?

  4. joe…can you please pick me up one. i will make it worth your while, if you know what i mean. i am hot

  5. Not many comments…Is everyone on Xmas vacation or are you all lurking and trying to keep it on the down low, you know, to lessen the hype, give yourself a sporting chance…

  6. up

  7. Variant gone, got the regular set. Score.

  8. Man I should have bought mine from TStout! Cheaper and signed, mistake.

  9. variant sold out in about 5 min lol

  10. They were the same price as Mondo had them. How is it cheaper? Shipping?

  11. shipping at mondo was $12 which is quite crazy

  12. Not that I totally disagree, but a 4″ tube costs $3-4, and shipping probably costs $7-9. Anything less and they would be losing money.

  13. I got mine. Not the variant which is a-okay with me. 35 bux! Zango Zingo!

  14. $5 shipping from stout is crazy.
    happy to score one, i love buying directly from the artists.

  15. @Mitch

    I agree. $12 seems about right when you think about all the costs that need to be covered but compering to $5 that Tyler or Dan McC are offering, it’s quite steep. I would think Mondo can get a better rate on the tubes. They need a LOT of them so they probably buy in large quantities.

  16. $12 shipping is totally resonable. shipping runs 8-10 bux and the tube is at least 2. Tyler can get away with charging $5 because its his product, he can afford to take a loss.

  17. Ok, so maybe $12 is the actual price to send off a poster, but some of that price should then be built into the cost of the artwork. When you buy a $25 poster and the shipping adds nearly another half, that’s when it definitely seems steep.

  18. Being on the shipping end, I understand the argument on both sides.
    If someone buys a poster from me, and I charge $5 for shipping, I take a loss out of the money coming into my pocket because of the tube cost and priority shipping etc., etc.
    If I charge $12 for shipping, It looks like I’m making additional money on the sale when I ship it.
    It’s a double edged sword.

  19. not to mention sales tax. (on top of shipping and a tube – it gets spensive!)

    end up making about 5-10 bucks on a $25 poster when you figure in ink, time, shipping tax and paper.

    These things we think about always.

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