Slow Week…

In order to actually enjoy the holidays a bit, here is what I have decided:  Since it will be a slow news week anyway, I am going to limit my posts this week.  If some drastic release happens that will sell out fast, I WILL find my way to the computer to post it.  Otherwise, the number of posts this week will probably be lower than usual.  Everyone needs a bit of a vacation sometimes, right?  Hope everyone has a wonderful week, check in from time to time to see if something new has been posted, including the contest winner later today.  Cheers!

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  1. FIRST


  2. Enjoy your time off man. I myself am also taking some time off. I plan on spending time with the family, and catching up on my True Blood. Haven’t been devoting enough time to my stories lately.

  3. Happy Holidays!

  4. In other words Mitch hasn’t done his Xmas shopping yet

    Happy Holidays

  5. Happy Holidays Mitch! Thanks for all of your work this past year!

  6. Enjoy the holidays Mitch!

  7. Happy Holidays Mitch, Thank You for everything you do all year long!

  8. Yep, thanks Mitch…..Enjoy the season

  9. Enjoy your time away from cyberland Mitch! You deserve that and so much more for all you do. Happy Holidays!

  10. relaxing is what the holidays are about

  11. Cheers back at ya Mitch!
    You deserve a lot of credit for all that you contribute to this little niche of the art world. From keeping the collectors informed to supporting the artists. Thanks for all that you do 😉

  12. Happy holidays to you Mitch and to all the readers. Keep up the great work.

  13. Enjoy a break Mitch. Thanks for the hard work.

  14. A tip of the glass to you Mitch, have a great holiday 🙂

  15. Happy Holidays Mitch. Thanks for all you do!

  16. happy holidays mitch!


  18. Dont know what I would do without you besides not be broke!
    Thanks for everything
    Happy Holidays

  19. Enjoy the down time Mitch, Happy Holidays, Merry Chistmas, Happy Hanukkah … whatever you celebrate … enjot it!

  20. Screw you Mitch!!!

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