Win a Band-Signed Copy of Jamie Reed’s Andrew Bird Poster!

Since you guys responded so well to Jamie Reed’s vinyl print yesterday, he has decided to give a little something back.  He is offering up one copy of his Andrew Bird poster (12.5″ x 19″ screenprint, edition of 100) signed by Bird and his entire touring band!  To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post. I will take entries until Monday, December 21st at 3pm CST. A winner will be announced shortly thereafter.  Good luck everyone!!

If you’d rather just buy an unsigned copy for only $12, visit

After using, it looks like 40 is the lucky number, which means “Dan” is the winner!  I’ll be in touch.

203 Responses to “Win a Band-Signed Copy of Jamie Reed’s Andrew Bird Poster!”

  1. Nice poster. Thanks for the contest.

  2. Cool poster ! I’m in ! Thanks : )

  3. send that poster on down here to Aus! yes please.

  4. The blue bird of happiness is always welcome when it means a free poster! Thanks for another great contest and all the great art leads, Mitch. Merry Christmas!!

  5. a great print for a great artist…sign me up!

  6. Wow. Awesome print for an awesome price. I’ll grab a few for Christmas presents. Sign me up, Mitch! I’ve been a Bird fan since his Zipper days!

  7. Merry christmas Mitch! Such good work over the year and another contest! Seasons greetings from the UK!

  8. Great poster. Thanks for the contest. Merry Christmas!

  9. Bird has had a fantastic year with getting the artists together for his gigposters. I’m in for this one.

  10. me me me me!

  11. nice poster. sign me up!

  12. Cool print, great band! Cheers!

  13. I’m in.

  14. sweet!

  15. Hi, I love it.

    I’m in Belgium, I hope it’s not a problem.

  16. Very cool!

  17. Amazing! Thanks!

  18. Nice print!!

  19. very nice

  20. Awesome; thanks Jamie!

  21. Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. Thanks Mitch and Jamie for doing things like this!

  23. Cool contest Mitch!

  24. Want.

  25. This would be my second print by Jamie, very cool stuff.

  26. Cute wee birdie, count me in 😀

  27. winner, winner, chicken dinner

  28. love the bird

  29. yes!

  30. cool looking print, the cradle rocks!

  31. Thanks.

  32. Put my name in the barrel

  33. Looks good!! Haapy Holidays!

  34. i love andrew bird; would be great to win this poster

  35. very cool! would totally make up for not getting a vinyl print yesterday!

  36. I’ll take a raffle ticket

  37. awesome…thanks…i really liked the vinyl print

  38. thanks, great print too

    -Thanks James.

  40. Awesome, love it!

  41. What a great christmas present! =)

  42. Cool, I can get down with that!

  43. Lovely print, nice of you to give it away!

  44. No Thanks.

  45. Count me In, I wanna win! ooohh that rhymed haha

  46. Nice one i dig it

  47. Yes please!

  48. i love bird!

  49. Color me, in. Love the Bird.

  50. Swert

  51. Why did you choose light blue for the bird? Just curious.

  52. SWEETNESS!!!!!!!

  53. Cool poster. I’m in.

  54. Cool, print. It would look great with my other “tree” heavy prints in my living room. Plus, I could give Evan from ipaintmymind, some shit!!! Let me win!!!!

  55. Nice Poster

  56. thanks Jamie, i’m a big fan of andrew bird

  57. Just to pop off the poster (everything else is pretty muted tan, brown, etc) a black would have blended in too much I think. It’s actually metallic blue/silver ink & shines when the light hits it light.

  58. Perfect all around.

  59. Please let me win 😉

  60. I love it.

  61. Awesome… This would be a nice Christmas present to myself.

  62. Watch the birdie

  63. What a print, throw my name in the hat!

  64. I’m a big fan of this one.

  65. Excellent!

  66. Put me in the hat please!

  67. yes please 😉

  68. Yes Please, love the Print and love Andrew Bird even more…hook a brotha up for Christmas!!!

  69. thanks for the contest!

  70. Thanks! Sign me up please!

  71. I love the band and this print! Please put my name in. Thanks for the contest!

  72. planning to sell this for $13.


  73. BOOM!

  74. Awesome print! I’m in. Thanks!

  75. Dude! I need it!

  76. i am a demi god.

    thanks for the contest.

  77. rad! pretty awesome that the print is so inexpensive to begin with. pick meeee!

  78. this will be wrapped and given as a much appreciated christmas present to my brother (if won!)

    sign me up!


  79. Awesome! Pick me!!

  80. Love me some Andrew Bird!

  81. Love Andrew Bird, love this print, love Jamie Reed!!

  82. Beautiful poster.. I enjoy the subtileness… WEEEW SEND IT THIS WAY!!

  83. yup

  84. Thanks for the opportunity!

  85. nice job.

  86. nice poster. sign me up!

  87. great print, great competition

  88. i could use a Bird hanging on my wall. Thanks.

  89. Bird’s the word.

  90. Rata is a demi god squared.

  91. awesome

  92. Awesome, thanks!

  93. Super cool. Thanks!

  94. What can I say…nice poster, nice contest. Sign me up!

  95. Love Andrew Bird

  96. Yes, please and thank you.

  97. I’M IN. Great print. Great website!

  98. Let’s do this.

  99. count me in ! nice print

  100. Awesome nice looking print :)

  101. Joe for president.

  102. Just discovered this site which was like Christmas, now there a chance to get an actual present too! The hits just keep on coming.

  103. Count me in.

  104. Merry Christmas!!

  105. In it to win it!

  106. yeah

  107. cool poster

  108. Wow, I write I fantastic satirical comment and it gets rejected by the moderator. Sorry if I was tryin to come up with some intellectual (and by the looks of things original), instead of these “I love Bird” “It’s awesome”, comments. Forshame!!!

  109. What a sweet winter scene for a great band!

  110. Awesome contest
    Thanks much for the chance
    Abird rocks!

  111. I usually prefer the posters with no band names on them at al, this would make an excellent Christmas gift for my girlfriend, seeing as she likes tour posters and loves Andrew Bird. And despite the band name listed, I still like the design. Nice and simple. I wouldn’t mind it hung up in our room at all.

  112. that poster is way too pretty to pass up. here there be a comment.

  113. love me some andrew bird…please send this print my way

  114. nice looking poster!

  115. I love this print and andrew bird is my hero!… *crosses fingers*

  116. Free poster!! Woohoo

  117. Let me win this contest coz I have not won anything this year… Yeah!

  118. sweet poster. in it to win it.

  119. Awesome!!

  120. I had some friends that went to this show and cats cradle is a sweet little venue. Thanks for the chance Jamie!

  121. This is such a sweet poster! I love Andrew Bird

  122. Awesome print! Wonderful artist and exceptional musical genius!

  123. Comment.

  124. Sweet pint!

  125. I was at this show! Except it wasn’t Andrew Bird, and I wasn’t in North Carolina.

  126. that is great, lovely print for a great artist

  127. Awesome print!!!

  128. Awesome print! very pretty.

  129. really nice work!

  130. Beautiful beautiful! Bird in a tree, I love it.

  131. Awesome poster! The one little spot of color in the bluebird is a really nice touch.

  132. I like free stuff.

  133. A most elegant print. And an extremely awesome blog. Thanks.

  134. wow, nice print, nice prize. Happy Christmas

  135. Blue bird makes the poster.

  136. I went to the Asheville, NC show of that tour. It was great, except for the drunk woman behind us. Apparently, she knew ever word. Anyway, beautiful poster. I would like to be entered to win it. Thanks.

  137. put me in. thanks

  138. Swell print

  139. hello hello

  140. Go Dosh! Nice poster….

  141. I dig it!

  142. I’m a HUGE fan of Andrew and I love this poster. Sign me up please!!!

  143. Fancy!

  144. I’m in!

  145. me! me! me! me! me!

  146. super contest, thanks!

  147. I wont win this either.

  148. Nice work Jamie!

  149. WAHOOO!!

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS…. love the bird=)

  150. count me in!

  151. Thanks for yet another giveaway.. OMG Posters rules!

  152. Thanks!

  153. In, FTW!

  154. Love

  155. Very Nice. I’d love to have this for my collection!

  156. In like flynn. Love the contests, love the site.

  157. very nice print i am sure it looks better in person

  158. I need this print. This will be my wife’s xmas present. Help a guy out

  159. would love this!

  160. good luck!

  161. Love Andrew Bird’s music…his new CD “Noble Beast” is great. Would love to have this print framed on my office wall. Thanks for putting up the contest Jamie :).

  162. Bibity bopity boo. Yay Andrew Bird!

  163. sweet print. I would love this

  164. yay!


  166. I can has comment

  167. This would be a fantastic addition. Great work.

  168. Yum! Always down for goodness! :)

  169. Amazing print! Awesome bands too.

  170. Sweet! I used to live in Carrboro…love the Cradle.

  171. count me in, please and thank you

  172. yes sir….thanks

  173. awesome print, would totally love this for my sad looking walls!

  174. i’m glad this is so popular :) it really is a beautiful print

  175. Good luck everyone.

  176. Yes plz!

  177. Love this print!!! Merry Christmas…and Happy New Year..

  178. Andrew Bird consistently has some of the most awesome prints, this is no exception

  179. Trees are good.


  180. I want to be there.

  181. Very nice… Caught Bird and St. Vincent in Columbus Ohio this past October…. fantastic show. Dig the print…!

  182. Beautiful! I would love this on my wall.

  183. love andrew bird and the poster

  184. Hello. sign me up

  185. Sounds good to me. Thanks.

  186. Santa, i been a good boy.

  187. Shine on little Bluebird.

  188. COMMENT!

  189. Nothing like last second entries

  190. Yes please.

  191. Thanks Mitch!

  192. Great Artists (Reed & Bird) + Great Blog (that I just discovered) = Great Contest!

  193. Don’t want to be greedy, but, cool poster! Sign me up!

  194. Cool. THANKS!

  195. thanks for the contest

  196. Very cool poster! Sign me up! Thanks.

  197. i was there! thanks!

  198. in before the deadline. Thanks for the contest!

  199. Looks awesome!! Sweet contest

  200. Here is my comment, i’m in!!!!!

  201. woohoo. cool poster.

  202. Don’t let 9 minutes dissuade you from signing me up!

  203. Outstanding! Thanks!

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