“Paul Watson” Art Print by Shepard Fairey

Obey Giant has posted the “Paul Watson” art print by Shepard Fairey.  If you’re sitting there asking who the hell Paul Watson is, well, he’s the founder of the ocean wildlife-defending organization the Sea Shepherds, and star of the reality tv show “Whale Wars”.  The print is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, available in two slightly different colorways (editions of 450 each), and costs $55.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

38 Responses to ““Paul Watson” Art Print by Shepard Fairey”

  1. Shep is my favorite artists, but seriously he needs to stop this. If you look at this store and which prints DO NOT sell, its the ones of people’s faces. Why the hell would you want a giant Paul Watson face on your wall?
    We want ART

  2. 2 words: “hostyle takeover”!

    man, those were good times. long long time ago.

  3. Maybe he ran out of orange ink.

  4. hahahah did anyone see the episode of south park when they made fun of this fat guy hahaha This is the worssssstttt, Its so bad that i love it so much. Could u imagine this hanging on your wall, people would die of laughter when they came in your house. uhhhh im sorry for ranting but this is so bad I had to ramble about it. Good Day fellow poster folks

  5. I really didnt think people cared about the whales anymore.

  6. I think shepard fairey is working with the japanese whalers….cause there is no way he did this to help support the sea shepard. 🙁

  7. fairey is to the print world as those awful “bands / musicians” who use auto-tune every chance they get are to music — an embarrassment, pathetic, and lazy. shep, please fall of the face of the earth. you have nothing left to contribute.

  8. looks more like a Philip Seymour Hoffman circa boat that rocked poster to me


  9. @ Tadd

    It was actually stated on the Obey website that there was a color error in the original printing and they decided to sell both b/c the proceeds were going to charity.

  10. This is plain crap and he knows it. Put together in about two seconds. Why can’t he just take a break for a year and come back in full force. He has touched on every cause out there. Stop trying to be a hero…

  11. Jao, LoL, yep my thoughts exactly. I really considered buying this for the laughs, and I’m totally broke. I have a credit card of course, and it was only the certainty of never getting laid again that kept me from hitting go. I can’t imagine any woman entering my bed after seeing that face. Hell, I don’t think I could touch a woman after seeing that face.

    Anyway, yeah, I hope these last couple prints turn the heat down for when/if Shep pulls himself together.

    Also, I know this is gas on the fire but I wish he would support a more active cause. I personally love Kiva. They really get things done, without a TV show to drum up support.

  12. Two words: Pure Crap

  13. So which one is the error the light blue or dark blue? I dont think this one is to bad at all. Maybee if it said hope or progress on it all the haters would love it.

  14. Wow, did the obey poster series jump the shark with a god awful nautically themed poster?

  15. Uhmm. So how much money does Shepard make for hitting the Cutout-filter in Photoshop and adjusting the levels in it for about 2-3 minutes? This is not an illustration, it’s just a filtered image.

  16. Can someone please explain exactly what the difference is between an art poster and an open edition fine art print? Not in the classic sense of “posters” were originally to “post” advertisement. I mean, what is the technical difference today as it pertains to fine art reproductions?

  17. This is Paul Watson! I would hang it all over my house. I have one in our tv room. He is amazing! For those of you who don’t know him he is the founder of the whale protection organization called Sea Shepherds. They protect sea creatures from being killed by Japanese whalers. Now get one and hang it on your wall!

  18. Paul is also a founding member of Greenpeace. I’ve never heard a more passionate speaker than the lecture I had the priveledge to be at. I own hundreds of pieces of art & this is by far one of my favourite as it is a depiction of one of very few true heroes left on our planet. I can’t believe the negativity propagated in this stream. No wonder we are all riding on a sinking ship, only positivity can save us.

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