“Paul Watson” Art Print by Shepard Fairey

Obey Giant has posted the “Paul Watson” art print by Shepard Fairey.  If you’re sitting there asking who the hell Paul Watson is, well, he’s the founder of the ocean wildlife-defending organization the Sea Shepherds, and star of the reality tv show “Whale Wars”.  The print is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, available in two slightly different colorways (editions of 450 each), and costs $55.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  1. http://www.southparkstudios.com/episodes/251888

  2. I support the cause but GEEZ, can Shepard make a more unattractive poster for this cause? Even a pattern wallpaper print would sell more than this one and help support the cause better than this choice of image. Does he NOT want to raise money?? Who’s side is he on?! LOL

    This print will never sell out and that turd BEEFLOAF WILL NOT APPROVE!

  3. I thought this was a joke when i first saw it.

    Why not just do a print of a whale or a lobster or something?

  4. I am thinking the Big Proof prints will sell out before this one!


  6. kinda ugly, and while I support the cause I think Paul is a freaking idiot when it comes to safety which is why I don’t give them cash…maybe the cash raised will go to reinforcing the hull for ice.

  7. If you’re going to make different colorways, shouldn’t they be, you know, different colors?

  8. also since the colors are so similar I think Fairey should have picked one…it just shows laziness or indecisiveness.

  9. well this is a lame print. wouldn’t have it on my wall if i got money for it.
    or maybe in the garage..

  10. For the love of Christ… Has Shepard Fairey just given up? Where is the artistic merit on this? Who the hell would want this print? Could you actually see yourself, spending money to have this framed, and hang it in your house? Maybe, right next to your Jessica print?

    Its like Shepard has just run his course. He has little, if anything to offer to the art world anymore. Take his last few prints… They are nothing more than a picture, with a photo shop program, that anyone with even a slight computer background could do. My 15 year old sister, honestly could put out a better product in her High School art class.

    This is sad. This print here, really could have been used to raise awareness and money for a great cause. A while back, Obey did a print with a Tiger Lily, I believe it was. This print was done well, in a classy manor, which people were quite excited about. It sold out in seconds, and raised some money for the cause.

    This print, God, I just do not know anymore. This is almost an insult to the art world. Here, we have Shepard Fairey, who assumes because his name is attached to a print, it will sell. Pretty Pompous, if you ask me.

    If he really did want to make a statement, and raise money… why not do an abstract print of the ship used in the TV Series… or a Whale with her young… or.. .or… just about anything would have been better than a bloated whale carcass of a human being, who happens to be on a TV program.

    Does anyone else find it interesting how the Obey Store is loaded with prints that do not sell out anymore? The Jessica, Jasper Johns, Aung San Suu, now this one?

    Come on already! This is just an insult. Like, we the public, of the art community, are nothing more than slaves to the “Obey Machine” and that we would buy anything.

    And what is with the Color Schemes? Maybe I am color blind, but, what should I be seeing as differences..? If some one wants offer the art world a variance of a print, with different color schemes, would it not behoove of, said artist, to use DIFFERENT COLORS? Maybe I am just crazy here……

    Shepard really needs to get back to his roots. Period.

    And stop this nonsense of just printing something for the sake of his bottom line. Art is a community, one that gives as well, as receives. And, am I sorry, but, it appears, as if Shepard does nothing but “take” anymore… From our pocket books.

    Does anyone else see what I am saying? Please feel free to share your opinions….



  11. I also thought this was a joke. not that I can do any better, or anything even close, but this is just plain awful.

  12. yup. bummer

  13. I agree….dounker…and ryan you could do something like this, and it would be really really close.

    “They are nothing more than a picture, with a photo shop program, that anyone with even a slight computer background could do. My 15 year old sister, honestly could put out a better product”—too true, and nothing against your 15yr old sister.

    it is awful. don’t buy it zombies. demand better.

    “it fills my portfolio”, “great deal for the fairey noobs”, “low enough price to justify”, “it’s for a good cause”….normal spewage from the brainiacs supporting the shepard fairey defense counsel.

    I could give a rip if it’s a print or on an overpass, this garbage and the last who knows how many should be hidden in a dark, dark room, hidden from zombies’ pocketbooks and eyeball’s.


  14. Well said Dounker – he’s shooting himself in the foot – All those years of great work being pissed out of the window – Maybe this will turn out to be good thing. Take the heat off him and let him get back to doing some great art again – lets hope !
    Like Ryan – When I saw this I actually thought it was a joke and a piss take. I love the cause and am not knocking that just the crap effort it took to churn this out. I would rather donate the cash and let them keep the print as I have no place for this on any wall of mine.

  15. I knew I’d seen this somewhee else.!


  16. Could have gone 100 different ways with this one, and this is the worst. As far as color ways, I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to hear that they printed a run with the wrong colors, so they redid them and sold the errors anyways.


  18. thank you for the insight BEEFLOAF

  19. Snore, come on.

  20. Remember when Shep did filigree and had cool slogans?


  21. Shep is my favorite artists, but seriously he needs to stop this. If you look at this store and which prints DO NOT sell, its the ones of people’s faces. Why the hell would you want a giant Paul Watson face on your wall?
    We want ART

  22. 2 words: “hostyle takeover”!

    man, those were good times. long long time ago.

  23. Maybe he ran out of orange ink.

  24. hahahah did anyone see the episode of south park when they made fun of this fat guy hahaha This is the worssssstttt, Its so bad that i love it so much. Could u imagine this hanging on your wall, people would die of laughter when they came in your house. uhhhh im sorry for ranting but this is so bad I had to ramble about it. Good Day fellow poster folks

  25. I really didnt think people cared about the whales anymore.

  26. I think shepard fairey is working with the japanese whalers….cause there is no way he did this to help support the sea shepard. :-(

  27. fairey is to the print world as those awful “bands / musicians” who use auto-tune every chance they get are to music — an embarrassment, pathetic, and lazy. shep, please fall of the face of the earth. you have nothing left to contribute.

  28. looks more like a Philip Seymour Hoffman circa boat that rocked poster to me


  29. @ Tadd

    It was actually stated on the Obey website that there was a color error in the original printing and they decided to sell both b/c the proceeds were going to charity.

  30. This is plain crap and he knows it. Put together in about two seconds. Why can’t he just take a break for a year and come back in full force. He has touched on every cause out there. Stop trying to be a hero…

  31. Jao, LoL, yep my thoughts exactly. I really considered buying this for the laughs, and I’m totally broke. I have a credit card of course, and it was only the certainty of never getting laid again that kept me from hitting go. I can’t imagine any woman entering my bed after seeing that face. Hell, I don’t think I could touch a woman after seeing that face.

    Anyway, yeah, I hope these last couple prints turn the heat down for when/if Shep pulls himself together.

    Also, I know this is gas on the fire but I wish he would support a more active cause. I personally love Kiva. They really get things done, without a TV show to drum up support.

  32. Two words: Pure Crap

  33. So which one is the error the light blue or dark blue? I dont think this one is to bad at all. Maybee if it said hope or progress on it all the haters would love it.

  34. Wow, did the obey poster series jump the shark with a god awful nautically themed poster?

  35. Uhmm. So how much money does Shepard make for hitting the Cutout-filter in Photoshop and adjusting the levels in it for about 2-3 minutes? This is not an illustration, it’s just a filtered image.

  36. Can someone please explain exactly what the difference is between an art poster and an open edition fine art print? Not in the classic sense of “posters” were originally to “post” advertisement. I mean, what is the technical difference today as it pertains to fine art reproductions?

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