Tyler Stout’s Lost Poster

Well folks, here it is, the sixteenth and final poster in the viral Lost series.  Tyler Stout’s entry is a larger 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 300, and will be $70.  There were some lightweight lithographs given out at last night’s LA show, but this is the real deal.  To get what will undoubtedly be the ultimate Lost print, keep your eyes glued to NothingsForever.com.

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  1. i bet this sells out within 2 mins lol

  2. Damnit! Now i’m gonna have to sit here all day repeatedly pressing refresh! Any idea when it will go on sale?

  3. more like 2 milliseconds 😉

  4. I keep pressing refresh….does anyone knows when this will be for sale ?

  5. you guys think it goes on sale today?

  6. This will be gone by the time you click add to cart, This and the DD are my favorites of the set.

  7. Once i saw last night that it was going to be a 24 X 36 print I know it was going to be Tylers’. The perfect movie poster–without the movie to go with it.

  8. It’s going to be really tough for me to do, but I am going to have to pass on this. I can’t quite bring myself to sit on the site all day and hit F5 when in all likely hood I wouldn’t even end up getting a print anyway. There comes a time when you just need to let it go; let it go Matt, let it go :)

  9. Matt, I feel your pain. I think my boss might start to ask questions if all day I was on a webpage refreshing it hah.

  10. yeah im not gonna do it either.. wont get it.. and i don’t understand everyone that is so fascinated by this show.. I personally think its crap, and have no idea why they cant do an art co-lab for a much cooler TV show..

  11. @ DMSrabbit – yeah they should totally do a co-lab for “According to Jim”

  12. Does this site use paypal for checkout? Just wondering..

  13. Brian, no a CC# is required, if you have not bought one of the other 15 prints, odds are you will not get through the data entry fast enough since it auto fills for prevous buyers on some sections. Good luck though

  14. Just out of curiosity, what would be a “cooler TV show”, DMSrabbit?

  15. FFS. This needs to stop being published everywhere.

    Back at the beginning only Lost fans knew about this. Now there’s a bunch of complete wankers buying them solely to sell them on ebay for extortionate prices.

  16. Apologies for the double post.

  17. I could not agree more with you DMS Rabbit. Entourage or Mad Men for example would be a whole lot cooler than Matthew “The Cream Puff” Fox & co in the Lost series.

    Just imagine Tyler Stout drawing his favourite moments with Ari Gold and Johnny Drama. See that would get me hyped:-)

  18. Mike and DMS rabbit–yeah all these folks who think it’s good are just dumb right? Obviously the show is way over your heads, move on to something more your speed… “2 1/2 men” sounds appropriate for you two, enjoy the Sheen.

  19. I also agree with Rabbit and Mike. Love Stout’s stuff just wish i liked this show. Tyler doing a Dexter print would be amazing. Would also be nice to wake up in the next coople of days and see an Avatar print by Stout as well.

  20. He’s got great skills no doubt, but his choices in color always leave more to be desired. Always these off color combinations that are kinda unatrractive.

  21. DMSRabbit, have you even seen the show? It’s simply the most brilliant TV show around, nothing holds a candle to it. By your comments I can tell you have probably seen the odd episode here or there, which it not the way LOST is intended to be viewed.

  22. I love that show but I understand why some people don’t. It’s a question of taste.
    BTW I have now pressed F5 579 times.

  23. A T.Stout Dexter print would be amazing!

    But yeah this Lost poster is probably my favorite in the series. I mean it doesn’t get much better than the Stout “Movie poster” treatment… Am I right?

  24. @mike Entourage would be cooler?!? Hah ha ha hah ha hah ha ha!!!! There is nothing cool about Entourage, nothing. Same plots over and over and the “acting” is horrible.

    That being said, I think that this is far and away the best in the series of Lost prints and would love to grab it. It is amazing the variety of quality in this series of prints. Some good artists really dropped the ball, cough Leia Bell and Jason Munn.

  25. So I just have to keep refreshing this site,


    , to find out when it will be on sale?

  26. lol.

  27. good luck. i unfortun heard that ppl that have bought posters from them in the past have login information so they go right in and theyre done. we wont even have a chance to fill it out by the time its on. And I heard the to others youd look and it says for sale soon and u refresh and it says sold out lol..just saying

  28. Meh. Great art but if I bought it I’d flip it. Temptation is too strong (not that I’d get in anyways).
    Now if Tyler would do a Battlestar Galactica print or two I’d be ALL OVER that.

  29. 5pm EST and still nothing?!

    Tyler Stout DOES know that in the hours of 5-7pm EST most working stiffs are commuting home and away from the computer RIGHT?

    And now many fans have just wasted a good portion of the day pressing refresh. LOL

  30. Whut? Tyler Stout won’t be selling these, he has nothing to do with what time the Lost people put these up for sale.

  31. does anyone else wish he would do some other color ways? not digging on the blue too much…

  32. this has nothing to do with stout. he has no control over this

  33. this is way too unfair. this is one of his best tv/movie posters yet! you would think that lost is such a big show that they would just want people to all have one! hell, I’d pay for a 2nd or third printing of this thing just to have the awesome artwork!

  34. It says “COMING SOON”. It does not say “COMING TODAY”.

  35. I sat and refreshed 47 straight hours for the Obama Hope portrait. This is childs play

  36. ^^^ Now, there’s someone who wants a print.

  37. @ all those dissing me for my OPINION on lost…..

    Ok, first of all I have seen the show. I liked the ideas and plot twists in the first season. I watched 6 episodes. And i have seen 2 of the episodes from the second season, and some varied random others. So i have seen the show.. For me personally i am not impressed. I don’t have time to list all the reasons i don’t like it, so ill be short. MY main problem with the show is that I don’t like the actors in the show, i really cant get into them, except Jorge Garcia, that dude is hilarious.. I also cant really get into the plot, i need a bit more reality (NOT REALITY TV just a bit more realistic plot line) but it doesn’t suit ME.

    All of these artists made prints, and several more painted huge pieces for the gallery88 show last night, so this show obviously still has a large and DEDICATED fanbase. Thats awesome, and if it inspired them, awesome.. Just NOT FOR ME..

    Finally, shows that would have been way more awesome for a print series, or at least more deserving..

    Twilight Zone
    Breaking Bad
    Its always sunny in Philadelphia

    just to name a few.. and sorry to waste everyone’s time with a long reply..

  38. ALso, for all Those LOST Fans on the site, i hope u get that print, and dont have to pay a million for it on EBAY.. keep hitting F5, it may happen..

  39. Best show ever. Best poster of the lot. To bad i won’t get it. Been f5’n since 2… getting a little old.

  40. Maybe i can get Shep’s new John Daly print.

  41. Keep up the faith Dupree!! U will feel like u just won the lotto when u do score it. And if u don’t it will drop ten minutes after u give up! Keep on fighting folks!!!

  42. P.S. Huge Shepard fan here and the Daly comment just made me lol on the train

  43. wtf is going on is this shit getting up put up or not

  44. yeah, this is a great way to treat the fans….dipshits!!!

  45. they could’ve at least put what time zone they are in so we know if it is going up today or not

  46. I felt like i won the lotto when i scored the Horkey/Emek Dec. print, now i want to fell like i’ve won the lotto by winning the lotto. I’m a huge Shepard fan too, but when i saw his newest i swear i thought “is that John Daly?”. I’ll pass on that one.

  47. sold out

  48. That was so ridiculously fast…

  49. I got one!

  50. does anyone else think T Stout phoned this one in? look at Jack’s face…


  51. man, i’ve been checking this all day, of course its sold out too fast to do anything about & now within an hour is being sold on ebay for over $700. Agree, they should do a second printing. Screw collectors items, just give the people what they want!

  52. I’d say Jack’s face looks pretty spot on. And since it took 51 comments for someone to talk shit, I’d say most are into it.

  53. I agree. BY FAR the best out of the series.

  54. It went on sale at around Midnight EST on a Wednesday??

  55. Wah wah wah – now what are you losters gonna do?

    Watch reruns!

  56. Now thats a good lost print.
    Wow, it looks bad-ass.

  57. Actually, recycler, we prefer the term losties… anyways, got to the complete order page and it sold out. Glad i didn’t waste a day F5’ing though. Also glad I at least got the Smoke Monster and Hatch prints. Certainly wouldn’t say this is the best of the bunch though…

  58. Its amazing but not $500 dollars amazing (according to ebay).

    Going to have to get it somehow….

  59. It went on sale at 10:42 PST (well, maybe a few minutes late) because that was the original time that Flight 815 was supposed to land at LAX. And no, I’m not kidding. Only LOST fans will understand.

    I was able to get this one. I tried for 7 of the others in the series but was unsuccessful.

  60. I don’t know why people were refreshing on this one all day. First off we were told that it would be sold PST so thats not a valid complaint. Second off we had info that it would be after 9pm and that the reveal would be lost related. At that point the best guess was 10:42 and lo and behold it went on at 10:45. I refreshed for about 5 mins and got one

  61. Getting this one makes up for the disappointment of not being chosen in yet another Banksy lottery. Win some, lose some.

  62. I responded to the email in 5 minutes and wasn’t able to buy one :(

    I hope he gets a real web store up and running soon because email lottery sucks, it should be first come first serve. Understand the position he’s in though.

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