The Warriors Posters by Tyler Stout and Eric Tan

The Alamo Drafthouse has just released the first entry in their series of posters for The Warriors.  Tyler Stout’s posters are available in a few forms:  A cut set (two 16″ x 24″ metallic copper screenprints, edition of 450, $35), an uncut sheet with bonus sidebar (24″ x 36″ screenprint, edition of 200, $80), and a gold/silver uncut variant (24″ x 36″ screenprint, edition of 100, $100).  The second is by Disney’s Eric Tan.  It is a 24″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 300, and is $30.  Visit

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  1. Nice start to the series, for both artists. Can’t wait to see what else comes.

    Bumping up the Stout editions, probably a good idea.

  2. Great posters, great people at Mondo, the website absolutely stinks though

  3. Thanks for the complients, Pewter and EE.

    Sorry about the site. We’re currently switching to a provider that can handle these influxes.


  4. i picked up the tan version and the variant but justin isnt this sort of taking away from previous artwork..its like jordan sneaker reissues. Takes away any value to the poster

  5. What? Why? It’s brand new artwork.

  6. Couldn’t agree more about the frustrations of the website – SUCKS is an understatement.. I had the uncut varient in my cart and by the time I was able to create an account, it sold out – even though I had one in my cart. SO FRUSTRATING!
    Why didn’t you switch to a new provider the last time this nonsesne happend?
    So unprofessional it is a joke.

  7. It’s funny you mention Jordan sneaker reissues…I just bought a pair of the Space Jams.

    Anyways, yeah…it’s all new artwork…like totally new in every way. The variant just sold out, btw.


  8. I back this. How many posters are going to be released in this Warriors series?

    More Baseball Furies stuff is a good thing.

  9. DoDrop,

    Sorry is all I can say. I’m not going to pretend like what happened doesn’t suck, but changing a website over to someone else isn’t a quick thing. There is a TON of stuff going on with that and we’re working as fast as we can with this.

    Again, sorry.


  10. Joe,

    Why would having Tyler doing another take on a Warriors movie poster be a bad thing? Instead of comparing it to sneakers, I’d compare it to say Drew Struzan doing another Star Wars poster. I don’t think the value of Drew’s original SW poster was diminished when he did another one for Episode IV.

    Before any snotty Struzan fans get upset, I’m not elevating Tyler to Drew’s status with the comparison. I’m just saying that multiple versions of a poster for a favorite movie by a favorite artist seems like a blessing.

  11. This could have been better. I like both artist but the subject isn’t something to wow about.

    When are we going to see a Terminator movie poster?

  12. I had no problem getting everything I wanted and an extra of the regular as a present for a friend. Even the Uncut Variant was up for at least 30 minutes before it sold out – I wouldn’t blame the website for not getting one.

  13. No need to apologize. Thanks omg for heads up

    Real nice posters, Stouts look great and so does the Tan, Love both of their stuff! Missed the Lost Tan, not this.

  14. for the gold/silver uncut variant, does it come with two posters?

  15. hammertime, the uncut versions are just that, one continuous uncut sheet with both images (actually, 3 images if you count the strip of characters on the right).

    What I’m wondering, will the strip of characters from the cut versions, which don’t appear to come with that purchase, show up as handbills at some point?

  16. i prefer the regular poster without the sidebar. please bring back the 24×36 sizes for all

  17. good point, i doubt they just thew away the 450 strips. handbills must be coming.

  18. i guess you are right about Struzan. Well I picked up my uncut variant so im all good but with it being uncut isnt it longer then 24 x 36?

    And Justin, thanks for your answers, can you clarify something for me please. This whole series will be Warrior dedicated? Or will it have other films

  19. There will be more THE WARRIORS posters coming along with our regular output of Alamo show posters. We’re also working on several cool projects that you should start seeing in the first quarter of 2010.


  20. nice..thanks

    my main thing is the alamo. just started collecting a month ago and have around 20.

  21. these rock,i`ve wanted a Stout one for long enough,and if these lokk half as good as any of the other Alamo posters i`ve got they`ll be stunning,…….

    early resolution save some money for January
    start praying for baseball fury print

    yuletide salatations to you all ,this place is the first thing i check after my balls in the morning..peace

  22. I second the prayer for a Baseball Furies print.

  23. John – I am glad the website worked for you, but the fact is that I had the print I wanted in my cart and by the time the webiste allowed me to open an account and I went to pay for my order, they were sold out (this literally took over 15 minutes). So, raffle down that you wouldn’t blame the webiste – I do.
    BTW – I am not just some print collector looking to make money off prints. I have loved this movie since the early 80s when I first saw it on HBO. I own all of the Zoo York skate decks from their Warriors series, have dressed as baseball fury a number of times on Halloween with friends as well as us doing The Warriors gang. So, between flippers and how slow the website was I am a little grumpy and your post doesn’t help.

  24. Yo Dodrop,feeling that… it is a bummer when you can`t get what ya want when you are a genuine fan,not just a flipper or madass geek,pees me off everytime a Fairey print comes on,,your time will come

  25. If your really that bummed out since the reg uncut and variant are practically the same only the regular 100 more and copper instead of gold get that. I’m happy with it don’t care really about the variants unless it glowed or something makes no difference to me. just glad to have another stout in my collection!!!!

  26. Great looking prints. I understand variant sold out super fast, sorry for those that didn’t get one. I wouldn’t blame the web server though. It happens to all sorts of sites, and 30 minutes is a pretty long time to sell out when you compare the 2-3 minute sell outs that Audrey Kawasaki and Mark Ryden are known for. Can’t wait to see the rest in the series.

  27. Since I am always loking for the positive, after looking over them numerous times, I have convinced myself that the regular uncut version looks better than the variant. So, no more whining.

  28. you cant really fault their site for that. Most print websites dont hold the item for you in the cart if you dont check out in time. It would only hurt them, as people could just leave them in their carts and not order it, and they’d have to empty the carts at some point. Definitely more of a hassle. And you should always have an account created prior to a drop.
    It’s one of those live and learn situations unfortunately.

  29. A couple of (newbie) questions. Are these signed or just numbered? Is it likely that Tyler will have them in his store at some point?

  30. I hope they do 2nd editions for all of them.

  31. Warriors Come out and Play!

  32. I agree dodrop I like the look of the copper better more gritty and a little darker has more of a street thug feel to me (yeah i get that from the color)!!!

  33. Thanks, just picked one up. I like the 18×24 size, I don’t have space for more 24×36! Not impressed with $15 shipping though.

  34. I’m gonna wait and see if I can snag a signed one from Tyler’s website when they go up

  35. Got an uncut Stout to hang up with the older one he did. Would love to be a part of this series, such a great movie. Now, hopefully they will do a series for David Lynch.

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