“Hagakure 3” Art Print and Greyscale Set by Florian Bertmer (Onsale Info)

ShirtsandDestroy will release the third and final entry in Florian Bertmer’s Hagakure series tomorrow.  “Hagakure 3″ is a 22.5″ x 33.5” screenprint, has an edition of 100, and will be $55.  In addition to the single print, they will also be releasing a new set of all three Hagakure prints in a new greyscale colorway.  The set includes three screenprints (combined width over 5 feet!), has an edition of 100, and will be $130.  This all goes down tomorrow (Tuesday, December 15th) at 12pm EST.  Visit ShirtsandDestroy.com.

10 Responses to ““Hagakure 3” Art Print and Greyscale Set by Florian Bertmer (Onsale Info)”

  1. nice!i DEF need this one!

  2. Wow – best one of the series fo sho.

  3. that set looks badass….

  4. wow.. nice florian.. wish i would have hung onto the other two..

  5. Hmm…i may have to try and pick up the new set of them since I never grabbed any of the others.

  6. Siiiiiick!!! Gotta give it up to S+D. They always crank out quality work.

  7. got mine!

  8. I got myself the set since i didnt have the other two. Merry Christmas to me!

  9. just found out that shirts and destroy has asked us to print these upcoming florian things. looking forward to it!

  10. In case you guys missed it from the comments section:
    “• Begley says…

    Oh, there are also more DRUGGERNAUT prints in stock. A new Seldon Hunt print, a new Chris O’donnell print and a new Giclee from Florian.



    The Druggernaut print is a second edition, with blue being the primary color.

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