Art Prints by Aeron Alfrey

Aeron Alfrey sent over some info about these amazing new art prints.  They are a tiny bit on the pricey side, but wow, that imagery sure is amazing.  All of the info is listed below, visit The Mutated Skeleton Cave.

“The Mist”

24″ x 36″ Giclee, Edition of 100, $250:

“The Last Known Picture of Joseph Merrick”

16″ x 20″ Giclee, Open Edition, $100:

“Nightmare Nazi Demons”

18″ x 24″ Giclee, Edition of 666, $150:

9 Responses to “Art Prints by Aeron Alfrey”

  1. That Nazi one is sure to give people nightmares…

  2. Yes! The Nazi demons from the best werewolf movie ever!

  3. the “nazi demons” and “mist” prints are sweet out of my price range though….bummer.

  4. Really? I can’t see anyone putting these on their walls. Giant edition sizes and giant prices make these impossible for anyone to rationally buy, and that’s even after they accept the fact that any woman you bring home will immediately be creeped out and leave after seeing any of them. You couldn’t pay me 10 times what they cost to even have them sitting in a tube at my home, let alone up on my wall. My wife would divorce me as soon as she looked in the poster tube.

    On a more positive thought, these are great for any serial killers on your holiday wish list. I can’t even imagine how horrible the artist’s childhood must have been. It’s been a pretty slow week for releases, but come on. I have to delete my browser history so my kids don’t see this and doing so is going to make my wife ask uncomfortable questions about why I did. The world would be a much better place if these were never created.

    Can’t wait for his hanger abortion in a bathtub print

  5. AHAHAHAH, thank you pjfanman, that is the most hilarious and awesome response to my art I’ve ever seen. My childhood was awesome by the way.

    Edition numbers and prices are based on printing costs and time each piece has taken me. I am working towards making smaller scale lower priced prints though.

    And interesting of you to bring up serial killers, I’m currently working on a portrait of Jack The Ripper.

  6. Also, these pieces aren’t graphic in any way, even the nightmare nazi demons are simply standing side by side. I’m a little surprised at your reaction, and comparing them to a “hanger abortion in a bathtub” ? The intense reaction is greatly appreciated all the same.

  7. But do chicks want to bang you when they see these? I love being sarcastic, but this art seems to be pretty isolated to lonely males in the 15-30 demographic. Curious to know your sales so far, especially from the Nazi edition of 666. I see talent, but in the wrong style to be profitable or popular.

  8. pjfanman, that’s “pearl jam fan man” right?

    First, there is a price discrepancy on this page regarding the prints vs what is available, this is due to my contributing this information before details were finalized. Nightmare Nazi Demons is 100 dollars not 150 and The Last Known Picture Of Joseph Merrick is 75 dollars, not 100. Even still, the original prices aren’t a bazillion dollars as you imply. I’m not charging 1,000 dollars or anything outlandish. A hundred dollars, a few hundred dollars, is not a lot of money for a quality art print. You should visit an art gallery sometime if you want to scoff at expensive art.

    I put a lot of time into creating my art and spend a lot of money getting high quality prints made of it. If I charged 30 – 40 dollars for these prints, I’d still be in DEBT for the cost of printing. And I’m not trying to break even, so I’m obliged to charge a little more so I can earn money from my art outside of the time and effort I spend making it, printing it, shipping it, etc. Most people understand this, most collectors of art understand this. It is only a rare few who apparently need this explained to them. All the same, I am working on making prints that I can charge less for and have available to more people.

    I find it a little absurd that I even have to take the time to justify any of this.

    It’s always easy for the nameless, the anonymous, internet critics to call out an artist who has the courage to put their work out and has the balls to say it’s worth something. If you don’t like it, fine. If you’re so insecure about your marriage that you fear your wife will divorce you over what artwork you look at, that’s your problem, not mine.

    I am directly inspired by the likes of Jacques Callot, Bosch, Henry Fuseli, Bruegel, Gustave Dore, Joel Peter Witkin, Sidney Sime, Zdzislaw Beksinski and countless others. If because of that it puts my art into the “15 – 30” year old art category, I’m perfectly comfortable with it, but I don’t think that’s the case. But there are countless artists on here who I’m sure you would criticize for the same, Skinner being one, an artist focused on depicting insane monsters and demons that appear to come off a heavy metal album cover. And I’m a huge fan of Skinner and think that is perfectly fine. His art would probably make your wife leave you though so don’t bother googling him. Still, I don’t understand why I am drawing this kind of fire opposed to anyone else.

    The art that I make is what I want to make. Not what I think would be popular or even profitable And no, I don’t even set out on creating art with the idea of what would make chicks want to bang me, although that’s not a bad idea to take into consideration when making art.

    And thanks for the following quote regarding my art..

    “The world would be a much better place if these were never created. ”

    One of my favorites.

    Regarding sales, they’re selling briskly, but consistently.

  9. I think this art is awesome. Very talented. I happen to be a very attractive woman and it wouldn’t turn me off one bit to see this art hanging on a guys wall. It reminds me of darker versions of work by Hieronymus Bosch. I realize this is a very delayed response but that guy was a complete tool. Why leave a comment like that unless you are purposely trying to be an ass. I tweet lots of art work I find worthy to share. Your work is among them. Dark surrealism has become very popular and someone replied to my tweet asking where they could get posters of your work, which is how I came to this site. Thank you for sharing your creative genius.

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