“Texas Tonka” Art Print by David Foox

323East Gallery is selling an art print edition of David Foox’s “Texas Tonka” image.  It’s a 13″ x 19″ giclee, has an edition of 8, and is $200.  Visit 323East.com.

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  1. hahahahahaha,

  2. Perhaps you are laughing at the criticism of the Texas mindset – guns and war being seen as positives – exhibited in this artwork in your comment. If that’s the case I will join in your laughter. I LOVE this piece! This artist is awesome and you should buy as much as you can of his stuff now at these prices before the rest of the world realizes how good he is and his prices start to go up!

  3. This is one of my all time favorite Foox pieces because to me it captures the political and social duress the world is in right now.

    Here is an awesome link to actually be able to watch David paint the ‘Texas Tonka’ piece:


    To actually see the artist at work is amazing and to appreciate every detail and the time that actually goes into making a piece. I unfortunately am not skilled in painting so I find much fascination in the process it takes to make such a significant piece of art.

    He is an amazing artist and an amazing person.

  4. I love Foox’s Tonka Truck! It is a wonderful parody about war. His pieces are charged with political undertones in a very comedic way. And, I just discovered that Foox is color blind! I think he uses this handicap to his advantage actually, and it makes his color palette quite vivid and interesting. I can’t wait to see what he paints next. He is a star artist on the rise for sure.

  5. I have met the artist. He told me that this piece is an older painting of his and was made into a print. He did that to help make the image moer well known. I love his work and FOOX is made to shine.

  6. I want this.

  7. As the owner of the original painting, I can only express wonder at the amazing execution of David Foox painting of Texas Tonka. I have not seen the limited prints offered here but the original painting is 48″x24″ and filled with rich colors that compliment my office furniture and decor. I am now a fully converted FOOX fan and watch with anticipation his next fine art direction.
    Best, James M Whitaker

  8. anyone else love the animals hitching a ride on the Tonka? So many things happening all at once, sprung from a simple image.

    Cheers, Foox. Keep making new greats.

  9. totally converted fan of this artist. Foox, keep making me think about reality i love you. reach new heights boy! xoxo

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