Two New Amazing Art Prints by Jeremy Geddes

Australian painter Jeremy Geddes has two stunning new art prints available.  “White Cosmonaut” and “Red Cosmonaut” are both 21″ x 23″ giclees, have editions of 200, and are $190 AUD each (or $350 AUD for both).  Visit

14 Responses to “Two New Amazing Art Prints by Jeremy Geddes”

  1. This guy is amazing. Too pricey for my wallet though

  2. Yeah, those are sick. Hope they’re around after the holidays when I have some cash again…

  3. Agreed. Amazing stuff but too much.

  4. wow.

  5. Great to see he has moved past his ‘Phil Hale’ phase. Buying the /200 edition, but there is also an impressive large print for $850 au.

  6. are these astronauts supposed to be falling from space? otherwise how are the birds in the shot?

  7. These are great .

    I love Phil Hale, Luke you don’t happen to know anywhere that has his prints do you ?

  8. @cc.
    They’re obviously alien birds.

  9. looks awesome, wish i could afford it

  10. Immediately made me think of this album art

  11. Geddes is one of the most underrated artists going. Hoping to have a few of his prints on my walls soon.

  12. these are both incredibly cool. i think i dig the red the most.

  13. Wow. Awesome

  14. Awesomeness!!!!

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