“Phantom Limb” Art Print by John Baizley (Onsale Info)

Burlesque Design has teamed up with Baroness’ John Baizley to produce these beautiful new versions of his “Phantom Limb” art print.  Both are 18″ x 35″ screenprints.  They will be priced at $40 each, or $70 for the set.  They go up tomorrow (Thursday, December 3rd) at 2pm CST.  Visit BurlesqueDesign.com.

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  1. Both color editions available = Awesome!

  2. my rescheduled dentist appt is when this drops.

    damn. 🙁

    i hope they dont sell out too quick. i assume they will be up for a couple hours.

  3. I’m thinking 10mins max these prints are NICE!!!

  4. it’s about time!
    oh. and what happened to the red and blue versions from the original post?
    although i’m diggin’ the yellow one…

  5. They were lost in the mail according to the newsletter.

  6. Putrid colors.

  7. the red and blue versions were lost in the mail according to burlesque.
    i dig the new colors way more. still on the fence if i want to get both or just one.

  8. The green on matches nicely my Red Album print in green.

  9. lost in the mail eh?

    “by bangyman on Tue Jul 21, 2009 6:35 pm

    Codeblue wrote:The Burlesque versions of this were sold out before yesterday’s show.

    we just sent our half off to meet up with the tour. we will still have some for sale eventually, but with a new color scheme.”

  10. Will these be editions of 600 like when Burlesque still had the Horkey contract?

  11. Bitch and moan… bitch and moan….

    Don’t like it, don’t buy it.

  12. I have one of the Blue ones but Im loving these as well.

  13. very very nice!

  14. also not sure on numbers for these but mine is numbered out of /100

  15. These colors look like ass compared to the red/blue, truly awful

    And if the others were truly stolen, why would BoNA make them more ‘exotic’ by changing the replacements’ color schemes? Makes no sense, but at least they’re less tempting now.

  16. I think the vversion/variant that was lost was a blue/grey color. At least that was the image in the newsletter that this info came from:

    from BONA newsletter:


    A few months ago, we first mentioned the Phantom Limb art print we were printing for John Baizley. Last week we put Baizley’s Red Album art print on sale and the response was great. You’ve been asking for Phantom Limb and we were ready to put that bad boy on sale!


    So where is it? Well, unfortunately we’re asking our delivery service the same question. After the prints were signed, John Baizley shipped them our way and they were never to be seen again. We wish this was merely a horrific Halloween tale but it is the truth. This is a first for us and we are majorly bummed those gorgeous prints are just floating out there in the ether. But rest easy, poster lovers, for this story has a happy ending!


    John was kind enough to whoop up a BRAND NEW color scheme for Phantom Limb which we will be printing and releasing in the weeks to come. Stay tuned to our mailing list for the first previews of the new colorway and all of the other details and as soon as we have them!”

  17. I blame Kellum for the original posters being stolen.

  18. I got a set before the site broke. yay.

  19. GONE.

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