Olly Moss’ “A Life Well Wasted” Poster

The story goes like this:  Following the success of his Lost print, Olly Moss created a poster for the hugely popular podcast, “A Life Well Wasted”.  The poster sold out REALLY fast, fans were mad they didn’t get one, etc.  So the folks behind the podcast are offering up a new second edition in brand new colors, and it’s available for another 24 hours or so (it’s a time-based edition).  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint for $40 shipped.  Buy this one today, or miss it forever at ALifeWellWasted.com.

5 Responses to “Olly Moss’ “A Life Well Wasted” Poster”

  1. Who is actually going to believe this print will only sell for 24 hours? They have lost all credibility just by creating a 2nd edition. Who’s to say next week they don’t put it up again.

  2. Not made for just collectors. If you listen to the free podcast and understand the pedigree, then you’ll understand what they’re all about and their appreciation for the fans of the podcast, it’s not just about the awesome prints. Any how the first edition was more to test out the waters and try a new size due to the detail in the print.

  3. haha! a dude name “Shep flipper” comments on credibility!?

  4. According to Robert (The podcast creator) there’s actually an intricate puzzle laid out in this print. If you haven’t listened to the podcast, you are truly missing out on a special show.

    Level up.

  5. Very awesome posters! Real homage! But… what about copyright infringements? You know, their profitting with this and stuff like that…

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