Black Friday Mystery Sale at Shirts & Destroy

My friends over at Shirts & Destroy are having a killer Black Friday sale today.  For $30, you’ll receive 3 random prints.  They could be rare, sold out items, and most of the stuff they carry generally rules.  You can also plop down $25 for either 3 random t-shirts, or one t-shirt and a random hoodie.  Visit

8 Responses to “Black Friday Mystery Sale at Shirts & Destroy”

  1. Definitely into it. I love what these guys do!

  2. Just ordered the prints and the shirts…WOO HOO

  3. grabbed one for sure.. maybe some bertmers? LOVE shirts and destroy

  4. I ordered both this morning. I have a couple of Bertmers alreday, hoping for something really cool.

  5. Damn, unavailable. Stupid british time difference made me work. Grrr

  6. all gone 🙁

  7. I was hoping someone would do something fun like this today. I grabbed one this morning, hoping for some cool stuff!

  8. grabbed one of each. Can’t wait to see what i get. Would love a wolf or sabbath print.

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