The 2010 Sonnenzimmer Poster Subscription

This is something I would love to have.  Chicago’s Sonnenzimmer are truly one of the best poster design studios around, their stuff is always just genius.  They are once again offering an annual subscription of their work.  For $500, you’ll receive 25-30 handmade concert posters, plus a copy of Nadine Nakanishi’s new book.  Oh, they are also having a great special on posters.  Buy something at

3 Responses to “The 2010 Sonnenzimmer Poster Subscription”

  1. They maybe the best thing going on in design right now. At least for these eyes.

  2. They do have fantastic design sense. And their sale is a bargain.

  3. I’ve wanted this sub for 3 years now. yet another year I can’t afford. great deal for those that can.

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