“Change Into A Truck” Art Print by Tim Doyle (Second Edition)

Second editions seem to be quite popular lately, huh?  Tim Doyle has just released a second edition of his popular “Change Into A Truck” print.  It’s an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 130, and is $25.  Visit NakatomiInc.com.

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  1. I’m not a fan of 2nd editions but I have no problem with them either. The only thing I have a problem with is if the artist website stated “these will not be re-printed” as someone mentioned earlier and then a 2nd (slightly different) run was done. I realize it’s not precisely “re-printing” the original poster but it undermines the spirit of the message IMO. I think the artist should be able to do whatever they feel like with their business but I also believe the consumer should be able to trust their word.

    To be clear, I don’t know for sure if the website ever really stated these wouldn’t be reprinted or not, just taking that from a previous comment.

  2. 100 posts!! I love this print.

  3. “No honey, I didn’t have sex with her, it was just the tip!”

  4. Doyle sounds like middle school students I teach.
    Me: Put your Ipod away Johnny
    Johnny: It’s not an Ipod
    Me: Put your MP3 player away.
    Johnny: It’s not an MP3 player. It’s a media player because it plays video too.
    Me: You know what I meant put the damn hunk of shit away!!!!

    Doyle: 2nd edition for sale
    Poster collectors: What? You said the first edition was limited?
    Doyle: It is. This is a different print.
    Poster Collectors: Same colors. Same text in the same spot with almost the same graphic.
    Doyle: OMG, like, you guys are totally dumb. The picture is totally different and it’s says 2nd edition in little words at the bottom.
    Poster Collectors: You know WTF limited means and we know you know what it means so just STFU.

    I’m sure Doyle learned his lesson from this snafu. We’ll be able to tell whether he truly thinks he’s right or wrong by watching how he uses the words “Limited Edition” in the future.

  5. PWLongtooth is spot on.

  6. The first editions werent reprinted! This is a different version. Hence a second edition. Its not the same! Your precious first editions shouldnt be affected unless your flipping them.

  7. To: PWLongtooth November 18th, 2009 at 12:46 pm
    Re: Tim sold posters long before he made them;

    Tim made and sold his own art before an employer required role to ‘vend’ posters. He also release his own posters via the employer.

    I respect your right to misperception although inaccurate.

  8. personally i cant believe there was enough demand to print a 2nd edition. this to me looks like a dumb fairey rip-off. and whoever made a comment about artists being complete nimrods about the business side of things.. you are so right! i dont mean Tim, I just mean the artists i know in general. ive tried to help a few of them make money on there art and they just dont have a clue. artist use a different side of the brain i think.

  9. You guys are a bunch of assholes. If you dont like second editions, heres what you do…

    1. Start printing posters.
    2. Dont do second editions

    You are more concerned with your “investments” in your flat files than actually enjoying art. You ruin the hobby for everyone frankly. I like big editions, I like second runs. Gives more people a chance to enjoy the art. I have prints by no name artists that will never be worth crap, and I love them. Theyre in things called frames, and on my wall.

    Bottom line is, Tim is the artist. If he wants to do a second edition, he can.

  10. Another thing, upon closer inspection these prints are pretty different. I wouldnt even really call it a second edition because different screens were obviously used.

  11. […] this second edition drove them absolutely nuts. In fact, they’re livid. Just look at this comment thread on OMG Posters! to see what I mean. To them, it’s the end of the world. It “devalues” the […]

  12. To Tim: thank you for creating beautiful art; continue the great work. To the “flippers,” the speculators– YOU CAN ALL DIE. If you like a design, freaking buy it (if it’s within your budget). If a (variant) second (or more) releases come out for those who love the design but couldn’t buy (didn”t know of) the first edition, so be it. The firsties have number one, the rest of the folks have the varient of the first edition–and still have beautiful art: EVERYONE wins.

  13. …BTW, Fairey is himself a rip-off artist– do some research.

  14. I hope these losers don’t find out there is a third edition.

    (a proud owner of a 1st edition which I paid MORE than the original listing price for, lol)

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