Exclusive Sneak Peek and Discount from The Faded Line

The Faded Line just sent over a peek at some insane stuff they have coming out around the holidays.  They are doing another round of screenprinted jigsaw puzzles.  The images will be Emek’s “Cyberman”, Emek’s “Cybercycle”, and Brad Klausen’s “Cloak and Veil”.  Each puzzle will be 15″ x 22″, 513 pieces, editions of 170, and signed/numbered.  In addition, buying a puzzle will enter you into a lottery to be able to purchase the images as art prints on sheet metal.  This should be a frenzy, more info will follow.  Oh, one more thing, OMGPosters readers can use promo code “OMG15” for 15% off all apparel.  Visit TheFadedLine.com.

8 Responses to “Exclusive Sneak Peek and Discount from The Faded Line”

  1. those are sweet on sheet metal. wow!

  2. awesome news, i look forward to this very much!!!

  3. Sweet! 🙂

  4. thanks for the OMG code.

    OMG rulez

  5. Awesome prints on sheet metal. Any idea on the price for the lottery winners?

  6. i am looking forward to some more puzzles!!!

    they cured my winter blues last year. im still saving the jeff wood puzzle to complete this winter.

  7. super nice! judging from other metal prints I own these will start at least at $200 a piece

  8. […] since the short preview we gave for these awhile back, people have been feverishly awaiting their release.  The Faded Line […]

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