“Burmese Monk” Art Print by Shepard Fairey

Wow, this is the Shepard Fairey print we’ve all been waiting for.  “Burmese Monk” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 450, and will be $45.  It goes up today (Thursday, November 12th) at a random time.  Visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  1. first….

  2. hope this goes on sale before 2:00, otherwise i will miss it….

  3. sexy

  4. Obama toga print :)

  5. I look forward to failing miserably attempting to purchase this.

  6. Not terribly impressed. All the fillagree and the gradient are nice but the illustration looks mostly like someone used a vectorize filter in Illustrator.

  7. I agree. I love the gradient, the colors and the obey patterns…the monk illustration distracts from what I really like about this piece. I also think the monk is too centered and could have been cropped in more…ah, what do I know, I’m not the one making millions of dollars selling prints…

  8. Indeed. You are not.

  9. You don’t need millions of dollars to have an opinion. Unless you are working within the confines of the Republican party.

  10. What’s the point!? I never get one, I never have a chance. They are always sold out in 5 seconds. Seeing beautiful prints that would look gorgeous with my overall decor only makes the pain more pronounced. Though I agree with criticism above it doesn’t tamp down my high esteem of this one. I like it when Fairey does simpler pieces, the wind energy one had too much going on. :( my day is already ruined.

  11. I think this print is the last print for Fairey and me.

    I have no desire to have a gold monk on my wall and it’s been a gradual fall out of love for some years now.
    Bye Fairey – we were good while we lasted but love has ended.

  12. 500 prints a week, 52 weeks per year, for 10, 20 30, 40 years…all these prints will be worthless no matter how good they are……………..

  13. up

  14. Got one.

    For a second there it looked like the store cr4pped out on me after i entered in my PayPal info.

    Got this message on a blank white screen:
    “Sorry, the shop is inaccessible temporarily. Please try again later.”

    Don’t close this window. Hit reload and it’ll go back to the ObeyGIant site and there’s one last button to push to confirm the order. Good luck.

  15. Still can’t believe how, after a year and a half of insane press, his site can be that bad.

  16. 3d i have completed orders through Obey only to be refunded later in the day or even the next day.

    I dont even both with his prints anymore. Most of them are pretty bad and even the ones I like, I dont like enough to deal with his estore.

  17. Got through, got the paypal receipt email, but the website crapped out on the final ORDER ID page, and would not load.

    The URL for that page has my order ID in it. So I have the order ID and the receipt…I think I’m good to go…but I don’t know.

    Anyone had this issue before?


  18. @ nick
    “3d i have completed orders through Obey only to be refunded later in the day or even the next day. ”

    I’m not a huge Shep collector but this one caught my eye. If my 50bucks gets refunded I’ll spend it on a steak dinner and some rum-n-cokes. Win-Win scenario :)

  19. Waited all day then had to go to a 1 hr meeting. Guess when it went up? DAMN YOU JOB THAT GIVES ME MONEY TO BUY PRINTS!!! Oh wait…

  20. It’s interesting how Fairey has been able to copy a similar production to Warhol. Pretty impressive. I wonder if so many people would want his work if they knew he had a crew of people doing a lot of the production…. He was in a business book of mine I had for school years ago and talked about branding I believe. Also I think he had 10 designers at the time.

    I’m curious what everyone thinks about this. I compared him to Warhol, but plenty of other artist have “worker bees” helping them. (Murakami and Dan Dnager to name a few).
    Personally I think it’s genius. It gives the artist more time to focus on ideas and press.

    Side note:
    Maybe if Flores had worker bees, he wouldn’t have run into his problems……

  21. Well, I have a Paypal receipt (I only had to reload the order page for about an hour), but I won’t believe it ’till I see the brown mailing tube on my doorstep. I swore I’d never try to buy another of his posters but I saw this one and couldn’t resist…

  22. I think its genius that he was able to create a demand for his prints in his early career by partially releasing and a limited edition then artifically creating demand by buying his own prints off ebay. When people saw they could make money off his prints, his prints became sought after. Very smart marketing.

  23. one of his best this year –

  24. the lost link for tonight is http://didyouburyit.com/dcpb/NateDuval120892/

  25. Isaac – He ain’t Warhol.
    Warhol was a film maker, print maker, painter invented the “15 minutes of fame”, spear headed a brand new movement called Pop Art, record producer with the Velvet Underground and author.

    Shepard makes golden monk prints of 450 a run.

  26. @Moog-

    Dude you need to open your eyes. Shep has had an immpressive career, and the dude is not even 40 years old. He still has lots of room to grow. You are looking at Warhol’s life work and comparing Shep’s current portfolio is not fair. I think Shep has done pretty well for himself thus far in his career. He’s mastered and proven to be one of the spear headers of the “Street Art” movement, runs a successful advertising/marketing company, print maker, musician/DJ, and has created images that this generation can recognize in an instant on a global level(Andre Icon and Obama). You need to stop hating and just accecpt that he is a huge force in his industry.

  27. I dont like to talk shit, but I havent seen a shep poster in the last 2 years that Id consider buying, even for $30 or whatnot dollars. Remember “eagle mountain”? Yeah, that was cool as crap.

  28. Re the Warhol line – You are right, he is in the mid of his carer and he is flying. I take that point. He is also doing an amazing job.
    I shouldn’t bitch so much – we can all love Warhol and Fairey alike !!
    Have a great weekend

  29. “musician/DJ” LOL thanks for the laugh I heart Moog.

    BTW Shep might have made himself a good career thus far, but it’s just because you all are donkey’s. Taking a photograph and turning it into a silkscreen and thinking it’s the best thing since slice bread is laughable.

    Seriously where is the talent? And don’t forget Shep is also a complete liar and a fraud and now looks like a complete douche in this AP case against him.

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