Already Sold Out: “Jacob’s Cabin” Lost Art Print by Daniel Danger

As I’ve said before, these Lost prints sell out so fast that there’s really no way to keep up with them.  Daniel Danger’s “Jacob’s Cabin” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 300, and was $50.  It sold out in seconds.  Keep up with the series at

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  1. who the heck do people know when it’s for sale???

  2. how the heck do people know when it’s for sale???

  3. Even if you know when and where it’s for sale, it’s almost impossible to get one. I think it was literally gone in seconds. I got close this time.

  4. and it’s getting more cut throat with fake links being leaked and cyber attacks to derail the competition.

  5. didn’t even know where to go to get it online. was checking the super 7 store, but didn’t see anything. where did they sell it at?

  6. I was at the page the poster was on sale at for 30 minutes before it was on sale. I still didn’t get one. The site was slammed so hard in the last few minutes before it went on sale. I got all the way through checkout only to get an error note saying it was out of stock after i clicked the “complete checkout” button. Such is the life of a poster collector…

  7. Yeah the fake link was awesome. I’d buy that as a print just for the hilarity of it.

  8. John, all they did was announce the site in person at S7. The best place to find out about drops (again, you have to be there at like THE exact moment) are sites like LostArgs. Crazay.

  9. where was it at though? how do you even get the link to where it’s at?

  10. cool. thanks for the info. I’ve tried to grab the last 3 and didn’t even find where they were until after they were gone. appreciate the help


    You have to watch those Lost sites and/or EB (or occasionally here) for people to update with the site that was announced at the events.

  12. I got the link from a friend who got the site from a twitter page. The info is out there, you just have to know where to look. The posters haven’t been going on sale until about 25-30 minute after the link is revealed, so there is time to track it down. Actually getting the poster once you get there is another problem.

  13. Ooof.. such a tease to let you through to the end then get denied on the last click. My bad, made a couple stupid rookie mistakes that cost me precious seconds, guess I’m out of practice on these tight drops..
    have a good weekend!

  14. yea getting the link is the easy part. I had all my cc info entered and clicked checkout and the damn thing 404’d me

  15. victory will be mine next time :)

    Did someone mention that Shepard Fairey is one of the 16 artist?

  16. I love this site, but for the love of God; please stop posting awesome stuff that’s already sold out!
    It’s a total bummer dude :(

  17. i was on step 5 confirmation (after submitting my credit card and stuff) and it said sold out…bummer….

  18. ha, i love that this whole thing is rearing its ugly head and becoming a parody of itself. kinda like the actual show.

  19. Not sure about Fairey, but Todd Slater confirmed he did a piece for it, so he’s one of the last few to be revealed. I recall seeing a post somewhere (maybe here?) saying someone knew the final five artists and mentioned they were all very popular and well-known artists in the print/poster community. From that info and who we’ve seen already, I am going to guess that the final three or four artists are Todd Slater, then possibly Fairey, Emek, Stout, Horkey, or Burwell. Could be forgetting someone here, but those would be the odds on favorites.

  20. I kept refreshing when the poster was listed and it had a button that said “Not on sale yet” then it said “sold out” . There is no way that all of the posters sold out that fast.

  21. i think jay ryan was listed as making a poster, i could be wrong also.

  22. As much as I dig Horkey and Emek, Stout would get my vote. His movie posters are so great! He would totally rock a Lost print!
    I think my favorite to date has been the Eric Tan print. I find the others a little too vague in terms of adhering to the theme. That’s why I think Tyler would do a killer print. There would be no uncertainty at all. I prefer the artwork in some of the other prints, but there’s too much guess work involved in identifying the theme.

  23. O.K I know that people really wanted the print; but I was wondering if anybody out there really likes it. Im a newbie and I’m not too heartbroken over missing this one.Looking forward to the next few drops though. Thanks.
    “And Learning is half the Battle”

  24. i like the print alot.

  25. I managed to snag one this time. First I’ve gotten

  26. never in to the whole lost craze but this series has been terrific. and to have such a variety of artists is pretty special. definitely looking forward to finding out what the next one will be.

  27. seriously, when is EB going to be back up? I want to go over there and read all the chaos…

  28. I like it too. If you like it you like it, if you don’t you don’t.

    Either he’s alive, or he’s dead, or the cop’s got him,…or they didn’t.

  29. Hey Tim, the database stuff is down but not the forums. Just go to

  30. mistersmith- whatchoo think happened? Think the silly rivalry betweent EB and LostARG’s led to someone wreaking havoc on the Database?

  31. Thanks for the feedback Steven Dupree
    ” If you like it you like it, if you don’t you don’t. Either he’s alive, or he’s dead, or the cop’s got him,…or they didn’t.”
    I need to remember that.

  32. I got one. it was actually pretty easy.

  33. @Steven Dupree – Where’s the commode in this dungeon? I gotta take a squirt.

  34. Does anyone even care that it looks nothing like Jacob’s Cabin?

  35. Well, aren’t you special?

  36. side note, the title of the print is the quote, not “jacobs cabin”. not sure why its listed as such everywhere.

  37. DD- same thing happened to me. Mine was ‘Hurley’s Curse’ but it’s called ‘the numbers’ everywhere. Whatever…

  38. In response to Jose F. Zevallos:
    I like this print, but I’m not exactly heartbroken that I didn’t get one. I usually like Danger’ prints, but I already have a couple of really nice ones. A few years ago I probably would have been a lot more upset that I missed it. One thing you realize after collecting for awhile is that another nice poster or print is just around the corner. Some you get, some you don’t. Eventually you will get a few prints or posters that you really like and you won’t worry too much about the missed ones. For the most part it depends on the artist’s style and your personal taste. I only get truly bummed if I miss a Horkey print and every so often something by someone else. The first year or so that I was into collecting I felt like I needed to have everything. Now I only concern myself with the stuff I really like a lot. Also, I’m not a huge fan of Lost, so I haven’t really cared much for this series. I was really into the first season and then kind of lost interest. I’m ranting now and my eggs are ready. I hope that somehow answers your question 😉

  39. To Daniel and Tim, I think whoever is running the DamonCarlton website changed your titles to fit in with the whole “fan appreciation for LOST” theme. These posters depict “watercooler” moments from the show, and The Numbers and Jacob’s Cabin are two big ones. Obviously, doesn’t really give them the rite to change your titles. Personally, I prefer your titles more. But, I think they changed them because the whole shin-dig is aimed at LOST fans. Great work by the way guys, sorry I missed out on Danger’s print!

  40. Re: Josiah. There wasn’t exactly a surplus of reference photos of the cabin from every angle. Mostly just a series of overtly dark screen caps. I drew the front exactly how I saw it, made up the rest. I’m happy with it. I mean, it’s a house that teleports….

  41. For some reason, i just dont get this… So do you purchase the prints from there site, or do you have to figure out what site to purchase them on???

  42. I disagree with Josiah, respectfully of course. I think it looks exactly like Jacob’s Cabin. Plus, it’s more the “feel” of the Cabin more than how it looks. Take a look:

  43. eh. over hype me thinks……

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