New Art Prints by Niagara

Punk rock artist Niagara has a handful of awesome new art prints available.  Her stuff is all released as large-format, limited edition giclees.  Check it out at

7 Responses to “New Art Prints by Niagara”

  1. Cool stuff but a bit too pricey

  2. Her work would look even better as screen prints, but like many artist, they are putting crapping glicees out the door and charging outrageous prices.

  3. really like that 1st piece, like the quote and visually it looks great

  4. yeah, too bad it’s so pricey, would’ve liked that 1st piece but $300 is a lot…

  5. Wanna be Lichtensteins.

  6. no has to worry about missing out, if she ever runs out of an edition, she’ll just print anew one in a new color.

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