“UnAmerican Graffiti” Art Print by D’Face (Onsale Info)

Jetset Graffiti has unveiled one of their hottest print releases to date.  D’Face’s “UnAmerican Graffiti” is a, get ready for this, 34″ x 48″ TWENTY ONE color screenprint.  It has an edition of 100, and it will go up at a random time on Monday, November 2nd.  To get a little priority heads-up, shoot them an email to be added to their mailing list.  Visit JetsetGraffiti.com.

13 Responses to ““UnAmerican Graffiti” Art Print by D’Face (Onsale Info)”

  1. This would have been amazing without the header on it.

  2. 100% agree

  3. I’m just not feelin’ D*Face’s new work… which sucks ‘cus I LOVE everything up until now.

  4. This would have been amazing if Daniel “Mr. Scam” Lahoda wasn’t selling it.
    google will tell you the story of his business practices. Caution.

  5. I was waiting for Dave to show up.. lol.. or should I say Butch.. or maybe it’s TJ..

  6. The Print will be released at http://www.jetsetgraffiti.com tomorrow, November 2nd at NOON (Pacific Standard Time).

    The Print will cost 500 USD, which comes to approx. 300 GBP.

    Shipping will cost approx. $40-45 USD for International, or $20-$25 for domestic. All orders will be shipped within 48 hours WITH certificate of authenticity.

    One print per person per household.

    Thanks for your attention… Good Luck tomorrow everyone!

  7. Prints become increasingly ugly in direct relationship to their proximity to Jetset Graffiti. Pass.

  8. $500!!
    After writing that this was going to be affordable? Hah!

  9. First off, I’ve ordered multiple prints from Jetset Graffiti and never had an issue. Most recent was the “Mathematics” print by Phil Lumbang.

    With that said, I was EXCITED to order this print. $500?!?!?! No thanks, i’ll pass.

  10. http://forum.thegiant.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=14192
    Check the post at the end.

    Oh…Daniel. Blame an intern again?


  12. I was shocked and amazed that 100 people couldn’t be found, worldwide– the entire effing world– to sell this out immediately… that is until I remembered who the publisher is.

    Then it made perfect sense.

  13. This print sold out in less than 48 hours…

    But, I’m sorry; you were saying???

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