“Slasher” Art Print by Doublenaut

So much good stuff comes out around Halloween.  Doublenaut created this art print for a little horror-thon, and they have some to sell online.  “Slasher” is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 50, and is $20.  Visit Doublenaut.com..

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  1. Love this print and these dudes. We sold every copy of this one.

    400 people at a sold-out event isn’t little. This print is from All the Colors of the Dark, a print show that featured more than twenty artists (many of them from the poster community / a handful have been featured on this site in the past). We all worked hard to put the show together, especially the printmakers. Thanks for being so dismissive in your post.

  2. LOOOVE this. doublenaut are badazzezzzz.

  3. very freaky

  4. Awesome print by thee nicest poster dudes around. So glad they made these for the show, they sold out quick.

  5. Wow All The Colors of the Dark, take it easy. If the word “little” is that offensive to you, you need to grow some thicker skin. Wasn’t being dismissive at all.

  6. The word little wasn’t offensive, just dismissive. The fact that you have all of the show info on hand and decided not to mention any of it was just weird. Not a big deal.

    My skin is plenty thick, blogger.

  7. seriously dude, use the search function on the main page, search for the word “LITTLE”. you will see about 2 million posts. its just a descriptive word OMG uses, don’t be so defensive.

    you whining about it comes off as completely insane. i don’t know you, but i don’t like you.

  8. little

  9. What a pee pee.

  10. Wow – nice poster – shame about the attitude.

  11. Ahh its so funny when people on the internet decide to jump into arguments/disagreements (especially ones that have already been resolved) between two people they don’t even know and form an opinion based on no facts what so ever. Man the internet is full of intelligent people. Why don’t you guys worry more about yourselves and just enjoy this fantastic poster that the ever so great Doublenaut has produced.

    Really is an amazing poster!

  12. k, i NEED this in my living room. i went to doublenaut and can’t find it. can anyone steer me in the right direction? totally sold out already?

  13. http://shop.doublenaut.com/artprints/horror/

  14. i thought this was a poster for Friday the 13th. A “little” similar, wouldn’t you say?

  15. Rules hard.

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