New Letterpress Art Prints by Zenvironments

Zach Johnsen aka Zenvironments has a beautiful trio of new letterpress art prints for sale.  “Bull Pile”, “Manta Pile”, and “Shell Pile” are all 11″ x 14″ letterpress prints, have editions of 50, and are $40 each (or $100 for all three).  I don’t know who he got to print these, but that is some insane detail.  Sorry for the green “NEW!” graphics, I hate them too.  Visit

Zach is also blowing out his stock of previous art prints by putting everything on sale.  If you’ve been eying something (which you should have been), grab it now.  Visit

4 Responses to “New Letterpress Art Prints by Zenvironments”

  1. OMG! I just love this guy’s vision and incredible talent! These new 3 – and letterpress at that (which totally blows my mind) – are fabulous. Thanx!

  2. Got to agree. These are pretty stunning. To be honest, there is nothing but awesome work from Zenvironments.

  3. I’ll never forgive myself for missing the Red No. 3 print he did.

  4. Zach has some great stuff….I encourage people to hit up his site, he has some great deals on some of his old stuff too.

    NICK: I am a proud owner of Red No. 3

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