L.E.A.D. Uganda Art Prints by Shepard Fairey

Thanks to a reader for the quick heads up on this.  L.E.A.D. Uganda has released their benefit art prints by Shepard Fairey.  They are both 18″ x 24″ screenprints, have editions of 450, and are $75 each.  Hurry over to LEADUganda.org.

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  1. Been up for a long time

  2. i just cant do it. i wish i could donate but not this time.

  3. Same as Lew !

  4. I wonder which AP photog he jacked those shots from.

  5. Admit it, you two just don’t like black people.

  6. Classic Shep and for a good cause. i live these better than the Darfur set.

  7. I tire of the whole “rays from the head” thing and just picked up the “Blanket”.

  8. Really beautiful prints…and for a good cause too! 😀 More prints like these at deviantart.com , free shipping until 10/27!

  9. Is the “blanket” print based off of MJ’s orphaned child and will the benefits go to him

  10. No international shipping. fml

  11. cool…i’m from uganda

  12. Shepard’s gonna have to be putting out a ton new non-benefit stuff to pay for his new lawyers after he admitted lying, his current lawyers stepped down, and the AP amended their countersuit to claim purposeful deceit.

    “In an attempt to conceal my mistake I submitted false images and deleted other images. I sincerely apologize for my lapse in judgment and I take full responsibility for my actions which were mine alone.” – Shepard Fairey http://obeygiant.com/headlines/associated-press-fair-use-case

  13. meh..never was much of a Fairey fan and definitely won’t be purchasing any of his stuff now that he admitted to lying and trying to cover up that he did use the AP photo for the Obama poster.


  14. Suprised these aren’t sold out?!

  15. i think the AP fiasco has really hurt Shep’s cred. He didn’t need to lie and destroy/falsify evidence. Unfortunately he has made a great case against fair use. I think he is going to have a hard time proving that he didn’t make one dime off the Obama posters. Oh well…

  16. only US shipping…i guess they dont want any money from other countries to support ugandan kids….kinda strange…

  17. there should be a protest and not buy his next regular non funaraising print release, just to put his panties in a bunch, and to let him know that his fans arent going to stand for his little cover up. lately, the prints he has put out, have been “meh,” the say the best. i really feel bad for the people that he is raising the funds for. you think a little more effort might be necessary.

    i love how he is donating money to different causes, but i only think its to make him look better and cover his ass.

    its kinda like going to NA meetings, right after you get popped for smoking weed.

    dont be a suckass, shep.

    and for the record, i love black people. :)

  18. Great Prints and for a good cause too.

    “Blanket” is SOLD OUT (on Monday Morning)!


  20. pass

  21. OMG, I wish we knew about these sooner…the blanket print is long sold out

  22. Meatloaf,

    the blanket print is NOT sold out yet

  23. I’m gonna sleep on it and decide tomorrow

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