Already Sold Out: “The Swan Station” Lost Art Print by Rob Jones

Wow, it’s impossible to catch these Lost prints when they are actually up for sale.  This one sold out in just a couple of minutes, even people that were on the site couldn’t get through.  Crazy!  Anyway, this is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 300, and was $50.  View the series at

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  1. Wow!!! I keep missing out on these prints. It’s beautiful but I’m not as heart broken as when I missed Kevin Tong’s print. Looks like I have another six chances to add one of these to my portfolio.

  2. Yeah Tom I’ve been noticing the same pattern. Good Luck on the next few drops.

  3. I’m getting the sense that the flippers have caught on for the past few releases. With some of them reselling for over $300, I guess I’m not that surprised. Would have liked to add this one to my collection though.

  4. in my opinion… the locke print has been the best of the series (so far)… and that one was pretty available (time wise)… i don’t understand what switch (or buttons, ha) has been flipped to make these things sell out in mere seconds… and it also looks like some of the other sold out slow pokes are now not available any more either… you think it was just a slow start for people to know about the site?… are the ebay collectors now catching wind of it…?? just really curious… i was hoping to get (and really really like) at least one of these… but w/ this new trend… its proably not going to happen…


  5. holy shite… the jack shepard print is going for $530 right now on ebay… d’amn…

  6. Sorry folks! I know we were a little late to the party, but worry not, we’re buying them all up now as normal. Sure those pesky LOST fans have a sense of entitlement, but hey, we got familys and kids who want some Shepard Fairy prints in the living room. Check our assorted eBay stores to get the best deals on these prints, we are trusted resellers so have confidence that your print will be shipped safely in the exact tube, tape, and packaging that we received it in. Also, who’s psyched on the final OBEY LOST print? Oh man, STOKED.

    Whats that? a swan? whats that all about? whatever, ROB JONES CASH MONEY.

  7. Just a little FYI… not all of us on EB are flippers looking for the next “Hope” or “Progress” to drop. Most of us are very passionate when it comes to art, screens, methods, processes, history and the love of most things print, art, gig related… Rob Jones is a HIGHLY regarded artist on many fronts, so it’s no surprise that this sold out lightening quick… and it’s really just beginning to come to a head… from what I’ve heard about the upcoming artists/releases, all I’m gonna say is “Good Luck” and fastest fingers finish first…

  8. EB is a VERY important website for the poster scene. I’m sure noone is taking that person seriously, or they shouldn’t be.

  9. hahaha,
    we have your lost posters, now give us walt back and we will release the prints via ebay one at a time

  10. Which company is printing these? Just curious.

    And oh yeah, Im sure the obey one is going to be my first obey print.

  11. I know most of them are coming out of D and L. I’m PRETTY sure there is not an OBEY one. I could be wrong.

  12. Here is why “pesky Lost fans” feel a sense of entitlement- this is under every poster for sale:

    (this is)” a project of fan appreciation”

    (ends with) “Celebrate the fandom, community and family created by one of televisions’ greatest shows by hanging a little part of it’s history, inspiration and influence on your wall.”

    Doesn’t say :” After paying 5x what we are trying to sell it to you for.”

  13. Hey so I got this print signed by Carlton and Damon, I won’t ever sell it, its going on my Living Room wall, I would though think about exchanging it by the “John Locke” or “The Barraks” signed also by creators that I know are out there. How much would this go for anyways?

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