Angryblue’s Dinosaur Jr. Poster

The new crop of Dinosaur Jr. posters has been showing up, but Angryblue’s is probably my favorite.  It’s a huge 20″ x 36″ screenprint, has an edition of 120, and is $30.  Visit

7 Responses to “Angryblue’s Dinosaur Jr. Poster”

  1. Horkeyesque

  2. agreed

  3. Great work Blue, I bet it looks amazing in person!

  4. Complaining that someone draws like Horkey is like saying- “What, another guy slam dunked a basketball on mt. everest hangliding on fire, while balancing the national budget?…what a hack!”


    BTW- great poster.

  5. I don’t think they were complaining…Just making an observation.

  6. i didn’t read it as a complaint, but as an observation. cool your jets tim doyle.

  7. Jets…cooling. I really need to stop replying to the interwebs at like 5 in the morning, high on cough syrup.

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