New Art Prints by FriendsWithYou

It’s no secret that I LOVE FriendsWithYou.  They have two new art prints available via Poster Child Prints (which also seems pretty awesome).  One of these is just huge, and the other is a great deal.  All of the info is below, visit

“Happy Farmers”

38″ x 52″ Screenprint, Edition of 40, $250:

“Malfi Mountain”

23″ x 29.5″ Screenprint, Edition of 150, $60:

8 Responses to “New Art Prints by FriendsWithYou”

  1. when will it stop ? anyone could draw this in 5 minutes

  2. Love these posters!

  3. So do this in 5 minutes and print it yourself.

  4. Joe- when you create something, let me know. These are brilliant and fun.

  5. Ridiculous to say anyone could do this in five minutes. Brilliant simplicity can trick you in to thinking that, but you can’t forget all the development that would have gone in to this.

    I really love the Malfi Mountain print.

  6. Joe, perhaps anyone could draw something with those types of shapes and faces in 5 minutes. But getting it to look perfectly balanced in terms of layout, color, scale, proportion and composition? No.

    Go ahead, try it.

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  8. Joe, that comment demonstrates a complete lack of awareness of what art is, and is for.

    Creating a work of art isn’t about putting the hours in. It is about expression. It is about capturing the world in a certain way.

    A question you might consider: can a photograph be a work of art. That only takes a hundredth of a second or so. A single press of the finger.

    And yet how poorer the world would be without the worlds great legacy of artists behind the camera. I would argue that even street photography of Cartier-Bresson, given his instinctive appreciation of composition and the perfect moment etc are great works of art in that they represent the world in a certain way: the way in which the photographer saw it and recreated it as an image.

    The fact it didn’t necessarily take him very long should not enter into the equation.

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