Thomas Hooper “Book of Lines” Preorder

Shirts and Destroy has launched a preorder for a massive book of art by Thomas Hooper.  “Book of Lines” is a softcover book that features 540 images of Hooper’s linework.  The package also comes with a limited edition t-shirt.  Everything together is $60, or you can also wait to buy the book alone for $50.  Visit

2 Responses to “Thomas Hooper “Book of Lines” Preorder”

  1. hey man thanks for posting about my work.
    the book isnt that big!
    its 252 pages and only 8×5 standard paper back novel size.
    it took over eight months to put together.
    thanks for your support.
    thomas hooper.

  2. Haha. It’s certainly “massive” in content, which is what I meant. Keep up the great work!

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