Martin Ontiveros and Jeremy Tinder at Rotofugi Gallery

The preview just went up for Rotofugi’s new show, and it’s really, really good.  Martin Ontiveros has some skills for sure, but the pieces by Jeremy Tinder are pretty much blowing me away.  Most of his pieces are 11″ x 17″ paintings on wood for $350, such a good deal.  Check out the preview page at

3 Responses to “Martin Ontiveros and Jeremy Tinder at Rotofugi Gallery”

  1. Tinder’s stuff is amazing. I had never heard of him before today! Dude you rule.

  2. Wow. That stuff is awesome. I’m sure everyone would love to see that story animated.

  3. ah, now i see that it’s a book project. that will have to do, i suppose.

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