“Rousseau’s Transmission” Lost Art Print by Dan McCarthy

The newest entry in the viral Lost poster series is by the one, the only, Mr. Dan McCarthy.  “Rousseau’s Transmission” is an 18″ x 30″ screenprint, has an edition of 300, and will be $50.  It goes up soon, so start refreshing at YouMightWanToConsiderHikingBoots.com.

EDIT:  Up Now!

13 Responses to ““Rousseau’s Transmission” Lost Art Print by Dan McCarthy”

  1. Wow, that was a quick sell-out.

  2. Can’t for the life of me figure out how people can get that jazzed up about a TV show.

  3. To me, it’s almost the same as being entertained by certain musicians and then buying their posters.

    It’s just different strokes for different folks.

    Plus, this is the last season of a show that doesn’t pretend like its viewers are idiotic, compared to many other shows on TV.

  4. They just keep getting better and better after a slow start. This looks great – and what a memorable scene. Really freaked me out the first time I watched it.

  5. man i wish i was quicker on this one. easily the best in the series so far.

  6. That word balloon was totally unnecessary.


  8. This is a really great print from a great artist, however Dan McCarthy is not “the one, the only” (as stated in the blog post) as a quick google search reveals there are many Dan McCarthys out there, from a scoutmaster to a composer.
    Results here:

    I don’t mind the word balloon either, kinda funny.

  9. blarglesnargleflargle… missed out yet again. The last three have been super sweet and snatched up super fast… *le sigh*

  10. Missed again. It just hasn’t been my week.

  11. Dan seems to be on a bit of a word ballon kick between this and the recent Sonic Youth poster … even his special subscriber only print had an animal blow up pic.

  12. These are next to impossible to get for a west coaster who works night shift. All the good ones get scooped up in minutes!

  13. Dan’s facebook says that he will sell his own copies of this at the start of 2010

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