New Concert Posters by Doe Eyed Design

Lincoln, Nebraska’s Doe Eyed Design has a bunch of new work out.  He holds a special place in my heart, as he is one of the best poster artists in my little region.  The newest batch includes stuff for Andrew Bird, Biclops, Tortoise, Brother Ali, and a group of shows in Lincoln.  These are all beautiful, limited edition screenprints for only $15-20 each.  His stuff can’t be this cheap forever.  Visit the Classifieds.

5 Responses to “New Concert Posters by Doe Eyed Design”

  1. Awesome as always. Well done, Eric.

  2. Mitch,
    You’re such a sweet talker. You know you’re my muse!

  3. I feel a bromance brewing.

  4. delicious!

  5. these are fabulous. great great work.

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