Aaron Horkey’s Bon Iver Concert Poster (Onsale Info)

Aaron Horkey’s new poster for last night’s Bon Iver show in Milwaukee will go up for sale this week.  The artist edition is looking pretty awesome, as he took extra time to make them all feel a bit more handmade.  It’s a 10.5″ x 23.5″ screenprint with metallic ink, has an edition of 150 (though less than this will be online), and will be $60.  Aaron took the time to apply a one-color gocco print to each poster, effectively “canceling” the stamp in the imagery.  Each has also been embossed with a small osprey logo.  The printing was handled by D&L Screenprinting, which is new for Aaron.  These go up Wednesday, October 14th at 2pm CST.  Visit Postersandtoys.com.

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  1. Quite simply one of the greatest illustrators in the world right now. There are few people that can equal his craftmanship in terms of creating an image, couple that with his imagination, subject matter and compositional skills; he is pretty much untouchable.
    I think this poster highlights the fact that he doesn’t need to create incredibly intricate and detailed images to make a piece of art that is pretty breathtaking.

  2. Cute details…

  3. Nice print/work. The variant price is a bit RIDICULOUS!

  4. Creative that Mr. Horkey is. Love the post mark for the date! This one looks wonderful! Thanks Mitch.

  5. I got one last night! and it really is amazing in person… The gold stamp area is the only area with the metallic ink, and it’s very subtle. It really adds a nice touch. The detail and color are simply amazing! An instant favorite in my collection…

  6. How much is the variant? And which ink colors are metallic…all of them? Looks tight.

  7. wow $250 for a variant.. thats a bit ballsy dont you think?

  8. Looks like Burlesque is out and Mitch is in.

  9. I don’t think $250 is that bad for a horkey variant BUT I think it’s way high for one with a huge run of 25. Edition of 10 maybe but not 25.

  10. Spend the $250 on the amazing Dead Man giclee! That thing is sick!

  11. About time the right people are rewarded.

  12. Well, those went fast

  13. Man, I can’t believe I forgot to get this today!!……er…..

  14. […] care and attention. Above is a shot of his most recent concert poster for Bon Iver. More info here: http://omgposters.com/2009/10/12/aaron-horkeys-bon-iver-concert-poster-onsale-info/ | | var addthis_config = { username: "gdnm", ui_cobrand: "GDNM.org", services_exclude: […]

  15. i was about to get one and my brother convinced me not to since they were $30. which is very cheap considering that they are like $150 on ebay. i so regret listening to him.

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