Fuglyheadz Mini Drawings by Ojimbo

This is exactly the kind of awesome stuff you’ll find at Creep Machine, one of my favorite blogs.  Ojimbo (aka Jim Sheely) has put a great series of miniature drawings up for sale.  Titled “Fuglyheadz”, each is a 2.5″ x 3.5″ pencil and ink drawing on watercolor paper.  They are priced at $40 each, and can be had in his Etsy Shop.

2 Responses to “Fuglyheadz Mini Drawings by Ojimbo”

  1. these are awesome but I just can’t get into the ACEOs. Just TOO tiny for me.

  2. Hey thanks for the shoutout. This is one of my favorite blogs as well.

    I’m not usually into Aceo’s either, but the detail on these is intense. I think if you frame them right, they could look very dynamic as well. I think if you can frame them sort of how Naoto Hattori does with his smaller drawings, it would look great. http://naotohattori.com/originals/sold.html

    I know most of Naoto’s drawings are half the size of these ACEO’s and look great.

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