“The Hatch” Lost Art Print by Kevin Tong (Already Sold Out)

Yes, I was away from the computer for a couple of hours and this already sold out before I could even post it, but I thought I’d cover it for completion’s sake anyway.  Kevin Tong’s entry in the viral Lost series, “The Hatch”,  is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint, has an edition of 300, and was $50.  To see this, and the rest of the series, visit DamonCarltonandaPolarBear.com.

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  1. Ah…I’m so bummed. I had been following the developments for frame 8, went to a meeting, and it sold out in the meantime.

  2. Kevin knocked it out of the park with this one!!! Really nice.

  3. Darn
    Very pretty !

  4. Noo! So sad I missed this. Kevin is awesome, and this poster is no exception.

  5. Hey thanks guys. I appreciate the comments and I have gotten a barrage of emails about this selling out so fast. I am really sorry that so many of you missed it.

    Here’s a link to a photoset on my flickr that has some exclusive photos:

    Thanks again.

  6. My favorite. I wish I would have known earlier about the print drop. Does anybody know if there is a mailing list we could join to get a heads up?
    Great job Kevin!!!

  7. Wow. Nice work. This one’s up there with Olly Moss’s Locke print.

    Kevin, what do you mean when you said,
    “I worked with ABC and the show LOST to participate in their 16 artist viral series.”

    Did you work with the creators J.J. Abrams and Damon Lindelof? ABC copyright lawyers? Did ABC have creative input? Or just a stamp of approval at the end?

  8. Along the bottom of the print at the tip of the island. What does it say there? I can’t really make it out…

  9. Jose, in answer to your question, the site below lists clues about the next prints release. The clues usually last a few days. Todays release had a clue that said the website was released and the photo with the website address appeared shortly after. Luckily I was able to get the print from my phone, since I was away from my computer when it was available.


  10. Thanks Steve : )

  11. It says Deus Ex Machina, the name of the episode.

  12. Lucky to get this as my first print from the series, and have been wondering if the artist that are picked are also fans of the show? And if they got a chance to pick the water cooler moment they did the poster for?

  13. Just to clarify, Abrams hasn’t been involved with the show since early in Season 1. It’s Lindelof’s show, with a large helping of Cuse.

  14. Tong Rules.

  15. I was lucky enough to get one. Can’t wait to see it, the detail looks amazing.

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