“I Want Your Skull” Issues 1-2 Reprint

Due to lurking demand, the fine folks behind “I Want Your Skull” have reprinted issues one and two as a large double-issue.  Other than the new wraparound cover by Geordan Moore, everything else is the same (this means 80 pages packed full of skull illustrations, plus interviews with Brian Morris, Ferg, Drew Millward, and more).  It comes with two random screenprints, has an edition of 100, and is only $25 shipped.  Visit IWantYourSkull.com.

6 Responses to ““I Want Your Skull” Issues 1-2 Reprint”

  1. Should have sold my #1.

    No point in making something collectable and/or limited only to reprint it when you are running low on space bux.

  2. More lame reprints… and people wonder why the baseball comparison gets made more and more
    No more IWYS stuff for me

  3. I am happy they reprinted it. I like how its all encapsulated in one book and its numbered to 100.

    dont worry, you guys that still have the original issues of 1 and 2 will still be able to sell them on ebay for less than what you paid for them in a couple years just like baseball cards.

  4. It’s “The New Limited”! Limited until we make more!

  5. I hate reprints because will imo it hurts the future of IWYS stuff… they’ve had trouble selling ’em out even with the perceived ‘limited’ nature. Now, even less people will shell out the $ for new issues, and that’s too bad because they have a lot of good stuff in there. Most folks just won’t feel it’s worth $25 without the limited part of the equation

    I say go ahead and print as many as you want… just don’t lie to people and say that it’s limited to xxx/xxx when it’s not. Simple. Then Lew would still be able to buy one as it would have never sold out in the first place, and everyone’s happy.

    Again I’m reminded if everyone would be more like Jay Ryan, the world would be a better place.
    Rule 1: Don’ t reprint. Rule 2: See rule 1

  6. Sorry some of you guys are bummed out about the reprint, but it’s hardly the end of the world.

    The first 2 issues had screen-printed covers and were done in much lower edition sizes than subsequent issues. I guess that makes them “worth” more, but honestly, I felt that I did enough to change this reprint up and retain the collectible nature of those earlier releases.

    A completely new cover was done and both books were combined into one volume. You don’t get any of the prints, postcards, packaging, etc that came with those first 2 issues either. And it’s only 100 copies.

    I never expected IWYS to blow up like it has over the past 3 years. There was a lot of demand for those early issues, and I felt like people should have a chance to check them out. This was hardly a cash grab. I think I actually lost a couple bucks doing this one.

    Anyway, if I’ve lost your support, I’m bummed. But, my intention is to expose some really great art to people and to put out something fun. I find the “flipping” and “how much is this gonna be worth?” crowd kinda nauseating.

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