Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Bon Iver Poster

We’re on a nice roll for sneak peeks here lately.  Here is Aaron Horkey’s stunning poster for the upcoming Bon Iver show in Milwaukee.  It’s an 11″ x 24″ screenprint, and will be for sale at the show.  The artist edition, which will be available online eventually, will be slightly different.  I’ll keep you updated on details.  For now, just enjoy this thing!

Click the image for a larger view:

15 Responses to “Exclusive: Aaron Horkey’s Bon Iver Poster”

  1. nice departure

  2. It’s lovely. Will postersandtoys eventually have any of these or the artist edition available?

  3. Me want!

  4. Love the size as well.

  5. this is rad

  6. Lovely.

  7. Amazing detail…

  8. SO Rad!

  9. a bird without a helmet? are you sure horkey drew this?

  10. Looks like Von Iver.

  11. No helmet, but I bet the entire bird stands taller than a 5 story building.

  12. What a great serie, excellent, love the lettering of this.

  13. This is a really pretty poster.

  14. Horkey’s linework is mind numbing…

  15. any update on this? still looking to purchase it.

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