Exclusive: Daniel Danger’s Pinback Tour Poster

Two days, two exclusive peeks from Daniel Danger, pretty cool huh?  This new Pinback tour poster will be available in two editions, a large offset print that will be hung in record stores, venues, etc, and a slightly different screenprinted version that will be sold at the shows.  More info will surface soon.  Until then, enjoy!!

Click the image for a larger view:

10 Responses to “Exclusive: Daniel Danger’s Pinback Tour Poster”

  1. Reminds me of Dawson City; I dig it

  2. i have to be honest, kinda getting bored with danger. stark and beautiful, always…..but i need new content from him, i wish he would diversify a bit, then again, if i was selling out, i might do more of the same too

  3. Liking this one a lot, the colors and layout are pretty incredible.

    Also noticed pinback are dodging houston. “Oh theres only 3.5 million people here, screw that lets go to Oklahoma.”

  4. Pretty cool, but I care little to nothing for “Pinback”.

  5. Pinback is my favorite band since the first time I heard them. The poster is cool!

  6. I would love to see this in black. But otherwise, amazing.

  7. in black?

  8. I really don’t care what band the poster is for. The art is mesmerizing

  9. Pinback rule! They play all their songs faster live, too.

  10. I mean black instead of blue. But it’s still amazing.

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