“Dusk Hollow” Art Print by Mike Klay

Mike Klay’s “Dusk Hollow” print might just be the perfect art print for the fall season.  It’s a 12″ x 38″ screenprint, has an edition of 200, and is $50 shipped. Visit PowerslideDesign.com.

Click the image for a larger view:

16 Responses to ““Dusk Hollow” Art Print by Mike Klay”

  1. Love this print but I have a problem with the “pixilated” clouds. Too bad….

  2. Uh oh, someone discovered the brush presets in Photoshop.

  3. congrats you figured out my method. no matter what, people love to hate.

  4. Well the good news is that Illustrator has some pretty nice snowflake vectors for when you’re ready to do a winter-themed print.

  5. you do realize that each leaf and and each bird was placed individually, right?

    oh wait, nevermind. i forgot, you’re a HATER!

  6. Good job…I was going to get you the medal for “Most Adequately Placed Clip Art” but the trophy store was closed today.

    Keep in mind that there is a difference between being a “hater” and simply making the point that you should at least make an effort to create this kind of imagery without taking cheap shortcuts.

  7. the concept is great, but i think you need to learn how to “hand draw” shit just like dan mccarthy does. next time take a picture of a bird then pen tool over it in illustrator. people on this site love that shit…makes you legit.

  8. still works for me. sometimes a shortcut just works. does not mean it is of any lesser value. use the tools or methods that work for the idea/message/concept you are trying to get across.

    hand drawing certainly has its place, but is not always necessary.

    by the way, I love hand drawn seps, but can still appreciate work done with a computer.

  9. this art print is not a shortcut, you guys may see it that way, but it actually took me 12 hours of working on it. the pen tool in illustrator is really my best friend.

    then again, i have nothing to prove to you asshats, so keep up with the accusations.

  10. oh and aaron,

    your automatic assumption that this was created using a cheap shortcut without knowing the truth qualifies you as a hater.

  11. once again, use what tools, methods you like.

    no hatin’ here. just thought i would put in my two cents (actually in support of you mike).

  12. always appreciated jason. directed at the other two clowns: mr shortcut and the mccarthy stalker.

  13. can’t please everyone.

  14. it is not hating, mr. man. it is just some sarcastic constructive criticism, but you are getting too defensive to recognize it. no one’s asking you to stop what you’re doing (and i am sure that ninety-nine out of a hundred viewers/buyers wouldn’t notice), so my first comment should be restated as “hey guy, a lot of fellow artists here might respect this kind of print more if it didn’t appear that shortcuts like brushes and tracing were taken”.

    i agree with jason in that the computer has its place as a tool (i draw into PS with the wacom more than i use ink and paper these days), but i also want to add that the concept of shortcuts is subjective…some view them as clever and others view them as cheap. i can feel one way or the other just as you have the right to call names…but as it stands, this is indeed a strong image and deserves to be on this site, but i personally believe you could have raised the bar with more of an organic feel to the details.

  15. lol @ artist

    Do what you feel is right and there would be no need to defend yourself over an internet forum and come off as a complete crybaby.

  16. where can I get this? i have to have it!!!

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