Art Prints and Type Blocks by House Industries

House Industries just launched a whole new line of amazing art prints.  Some of them feature type from House’s “Photo-Lettering” series, while others are a bit more extravagant.  They are all limited edition screenprints for $18-$35 each.  Visit

Also, if these Photo-Lettering wood alphabet blocks aren’t a designer-daddy’s dream come true, I don’t know what is.  Only $35/set at

Via Grain Edit.

2 Responses to “Art Prints and Type Blocks by House Industries”

  1. Sweet as a bag of sugar – Made with non toxic paint and local wood.
    So cool and snagged one. Best ting me seen here a long time – Thanks for posting !

  2. I’m a super geek for design-y stuff, obviously. And these are pretty swell. We picked up a couple of prints when they were first released and they are being framed as I type this.

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