Art Prints and Originals by Sara Antoinette Martin

Thanks to Cool Hunting, I now know about Sara Antoinette Martin.  Her work is beautiful, and it definitely shows that she currently works alongside Tara McPherson.  Her store is fully stocked with art prints (open and limited editions), drawings, and paintings, all at very reasonable prices.  Check out

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  1. Thanx so much for this artist! She is wonderful! I am dollars poor but art rich thanx to your blog! :)(:

  2. I’m confused…some of the prints say that they’re open editions but then in the description, they say that they are signed and numbered out of 25. Which is it?

  3. Hi!
    the open editions are printed in batches of 25, so they are 1st edition, 2nd edition ect. Still open edition, but its nice when they are numbered. The limited editions are printed once and when they run out they are gone forever.

    Thanks for the post OMG posters!

  4. Archer, here are my thoughts on your question. The open edition prints have what current edition is selling listed in the store, for example, once the “Signed and Numbered First Edition” sells out, she can print, sign and number more and sell them as the “Signed and Numbered Second Edition” and so on. Technically they’re open editions, because she can print more after the current edition sells out, but, to me, it seems a bit more like a limited edition, due to the numbering. I’ve never bought any open edition prints that are numbered this way, but I assume there will be marking somewhere to show what edition it is.

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