“My Kind Of Town” Chicago Art Exhibition at Rotofugi

The preview for Rotofugi’s newest show just went live, and it’s one you should probably take the time to check out.  For “My Kind Of Town”, they turned the spotlight on a ton of awesome Chicago locals, including dudes like Travis Lampe, Dan Grzeca, Delicious Design League, and lots more.  Check it out at Rotofugi.com.

4 Responses to ““My Kind Of Town” Chicago Art Exhibition at Rotofugi”

  1. Will that Grzeca ever be a print? BADASS!

  2. I think my invite got lost in the mail. Haha.

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I bought the David Soukup painting and can’t wait to get it in my place.

  4. Taper: it is a print, but I guess you mean a print on paper 🙂

    It was the art for his Sonic Youth poster. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he has art print versions hanging around the shop, for a future sale maybe, send him an email. There are several different monoprints on wood in his Etsy shop too.

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