Lars P. Krause’s Dinosaur Jr. Poster

It’s always nice to get some news from Germany.  Lars P. Krause did a fantastic job on this poster for Dinosaur Jr.’s recent stop in Dresden.  It’s a 16″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 100.  Barring anything unusual, it should go up for sale tomorrow (Thursday, September 24th).  Check out this and other new stuff at

5 Responses to “Lars P. Krause’s Dinosaur Jr. Poster”

  1. Lars rocks – super cool dude (nice poster too)

  2. I love this! Hope it’s still around on friday.

  3. Is anyone else having trouble purchasing this print?

  4. if there are any problems with purchasing this, please email me – i will kill the problem asap:

  5. ah, and here are some pics from the process:

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