“Death Blossom” Art Print by David Choe

David Choe is getting ready to release this MASSIVE new art print.  Very little is known about “Death Blossom” yet, other than the fact that he “won’t make many”.  It’s going to be available at Giant Robot’s Biennale 2, which takes place October 24th at LA’s Japanese American National Museum.  Good luck!!

Via Arrested Motion.

3 Responses to ““Death Blossom” Art Print by David Choe”

  1. That is one of his large painting scaled down slightly….looks amazing….and expensive….good luck.

  2. i wonder how much…. $700???

  3. Jimi was $600 and I can’t see this being more… ’til you throw in the fact that it’s being released at his upcoming show and… I think you are pretty spot on in the approx. $700 range… See you at the show! James Jean is gonna KILL IT, I just bet…

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