“Off The Grid” Art Print by Mark Brabant

I am definitely enjoying Mark Brabant’s new art print in digital form, it’ll be intersting to see what people think of it in person.  “Off The Grid” is a 13″ x 32″ screenprint, has an edition of 200, and is $40.  You can grab one now at HoveringObject.com.

Click the image for a larger view:

20 Responses to ““Off The Grid” Art Print by Mark Brabant”

  1. That is pretty fantastic looking for a screen print. I thought it was a giclee; very cool

  2. That aint a screenprint, it’s a digital comp.

  3. is this an image of the photoshop file the print was created from, and if so, are there any close-up shots of the actual print?

  4. I was surprised as well to read this piece is a screenprint. Had to go to the website to double check. 5 colors plus a blend. I respect the fact that he didn’t go the giclee route. Very nice work.

  5. No real photos as far as I know. I expect lots of halftones.

  6. “Halftone hell”

  7. Nice. It reminds me of the video for What Else Is There by Röyksopp.

  8. Brabants’ concepts always seem to come from someone else. Who is really surprised he took this one too? Look at that screen cap…

  9. m. heart, thanks for the heads up.
    It’s not a tracing, (how could it be, it’s a video) but it’s too damn close for comfort. The colors. The mood. Floating houses with bits trailing off. The street lamp and telephone wires. The print is definitely heavily “influenced”. I’m conflicted.

  10. what difference does it make???

  11. An ARTIST stealing someone elses ideas and claiming & selling them as their own should make a difference to you! That is certainly BEYOND “influence” imo.

  12. fuck you for censoring my comments you pussy

  13. What are you talking about?

  14. Close-ups:

  15. Is there some hate against half-tones that I’m unaware of? Looking at the detail photos on EB, yes there is halftones, but seriously, at normal viewing distance of 24 inches or so, I doubt you’d even be able to tell. And doing something on a mezzotint filter randomizes the half-tones, making it not a machine tone at all.

    And as far as it looking like the music video, it looks like it was done w/ the video director’s blessing.

    And hey, it’s not like floating houses aren’t in the zeitgeist this year or anything.

  16. there’s always pretentious art critics

  17. i haven’t seen the video yet or know whether or not it was an authorized interpretation, but from the comments here i can tell that cardhawks needs to chill out and recognize the difference between “pretentious art critics” and “regular people that can easily spot someone copying someone else’s imagery”. i am not taking away from mark’s ability to photoshop parts together into a decent layout (which does take skill and an eye for detail), it’s just not creative if someone else came up with the idea first. i think i remember brabant being accused of reproducing other work before, so it’s not unlikely that this was “inspired” by something else.

  18. It seems the print was done with the video director’s blessing. Was permission given before or AFTER the print was made, I don’t know. But I’m 100% absolutely, positively, sure that note on the order page was not there yesterday.

    Re: Halftones.
    I don’t see a problem with it.

  19. Halftones are ok sometimes, even work as a design element if used right…but IMHO most screenprints just look a lot nicer without ’em.

    If you need all the tiny photographic details etc. to come through, make a giclee.. sometimes the image is not suited for the medium

  20. i guess i would prefer to see a hand-drawn image instead of a digital photo composite because i know how quickly something like this can be thrown together and half-toned. that’s just me. regardless of the process preference, I’m sure it was printed well but it sounds like damage control if that note was added after someone noticed the similarity. he needs to be up front about where they came from, or only release images he came up with on his own.

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