Reader Contest: “Untitled” Art Print from Bryan Schnelle and Phone Booth Gallery

See, I told you I was going to bring you more contests!  This new one is brought to you by Phone Booth Gallery.  They are offering a free copy of Bryan Schnelle’s newest art print to a lucky reader.  This is an 18″ x 24″ screenprint with an edition of 50.  It hasn’t even been unveiled yet till just now.  These will first be available at Brian’s opening on Saturday night, then online Sunday.  To enter, just leave a comment in the comments section.  I will pick a winner at 12:01am on Saturday morning.  Good luck!!

Congratulations to Andrew Meteor, you have won the contest, as chosen by the Random Number Generator.  Thanks everyone!!

Also, check out this crazy video preview for Brian’s upcoming show.  Keep up on the news at

63 Responses to “Reader Contest: “Untitled” Art Print from Bryan Schnelle and Phone Booth Gallery”

  1. Thanks for another contest.

  2. This is a pretty cool print. And thank you for making another contest.

  3. Comment.

  4. Nice. I like the contests…..thanks.

  5. those heads look like floating hot-air balloons.

  6. thanks for the “heads” up

  7. pick me!


  9. pretty please!

  10. Nice print. Thank you for the contest.

  11. Great print– hope I win it! Keep up the good work OMGP.

  12. gracias!

  13. weird!

  14. Meep!

  15. Cool. Thanks!

  16. Ghost heads?

  17. swwet print. WOuld love to get my hands on one of these

  18. comment!

  19. thanks for another contest!!!

  20. Cool, I like free stuff!

  21. nice print!

  22. Im in

  23. I would enjoy winning this.

    P.S. Haha palehighway

  24. Party in the back!

  25. This is really messing up my comment RSS.

  26. Thanks for the contest, Mitch!!

  27. Awesome contest
    Thanks for the chance!

  28. Thanks for the chance to finally win something worthwhile!


  29. Tight! Keep up the good work, I’m lovin it!

  30. Another contest!!!!

    Brown chicken Brown Cow

  32. Contests are the coolest!
    Second coolest…. next to posters.

  33. ya really gotta love contests. its good for the head

  34. Great blog, super contest. Thanks!

  35. hey thanks for the contest :)

  36. Thanks for the contest!

  37. awesome, thank you

  38. im game…I like it!

  39. Thanks for the heads up!! :)

  40. sorry pale didn’t see your comments please ban me from this contest thank you

  41. LOVE that print and the video was dope…. great song choice, “Friend Of The Night” is one of my favorite Mogwai songs!

  42. LOVE that print and the video was dope…. great song choice, “Friend Of The Night” is one of my favorite Mogwai songs!

  43. cool video, awesome print hope i get it

  44. Yay! Pick me, true random number internet generator!

  45. No whammies, no whammies, no whammies, STOP!!!

  46. gimme heads

  47. cant beat free stuff. thanks again!

  48. Cool print.

    So here we go again. I never win anything.

  49. please pick me. im poor and would like to decorate my new apartment with posters.

  50. Thanks!!! Print looks very cool

  51. mooie zeefdruk!

    die wil ik wel winnen!

  52. blackheads? Is that the joke? Am I missing something? They kinda look like Bloogs blowing by (from oh, the thinks you can think. Dr. Suess).

  53. gimme gimme! please? Gracias

  54. sign me up!

  55. i’ll never win :-(

  56. Thanks again!

  57. 4 hours 13minutes until i find out that me and the random number generator still aren’t friends

  58. this print is pretty awesome. thanks for the contest!

  59. me, please.

  60. Mitch rules! Thanks you.

  61. comment


  62. Me want print! ooooooohhhhhkk ahhhhhhh ooooohk!

  63. I spent my youth drawing moustaches, goatees and sideburns on every women in the newpaper because it was funny. So If I’d have just glued those news clippings onto white timber blocks it would have qualified as Art??

    I’m one very confused Australian& yet I love OMG!

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