Sonic Youth Posters Available Online

Looks like a few more of the band copies from the recent Sonic Youth posters have come back and are now online.  Namely, Daniel Danger’s and Drew Millward’s.  The best part?  They are only $20 each.  Hit up the Sonic Youth Store.

14 Responses to “Sonic Youth Posters Available Online”

  1. Wow – finally grabbed me a DD print. Woot!

  2. Thanks, scored the DD poster

  3. same here!!!!

  4. shipping sucks…but still pretty pumped to grab that danger for only $30+!

  5. Thanks for the heads-up Miiiiiiiitch (with eight “I”s), two of my favorite artists.

  6. Great tip! I’m so happy to have grabbed the Danger print. Thanks, Mitch!

  7. Bought the Danger—quite the steal!

  8. +1 danger obviously for $28 you cant beat it

  9. Actually, most of DD’s gig posters (not the variants) are quite cheap.

  10. $34 shipping to Europe !!!!!!

  11. ^ there is first class shipping option for less $$

  12. and DD is sold out

  13. You know, I charge 19.99 to ship to Europe on my site, and still sometimes get hosed at the P.O. for 25-28 bux depending on the weight/location. Once you factor in the tube/etc…$34 is kinda reasonable. Sux, but true.

  14. I suppose when you break it down its easier to swallow !
    Maybe $34 aint too bad – considering its a great print for $20.

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