Michael Jordan X Shepard Fairey X Upper Deck Art Prints (Onsale Info)

In conjunction with Upper Deck, Shepard Fairey has produced three art prints featuring the mighty Michael Jordan.  These are going to be released in a few different editions, so this description could get a bit hairy.  Later today (Thursday, September 17th), the first two offerings will drop:  First, Upper Deck will offer 50 sets of high-end 24″ x 36″ screenprints signed by both Fairey and Jordan for $4,499.99 per set.  Secondly, there will be 123 sets signed by Fairey only for $1,349.99 per set.  On Tuesday, September 22nd they will offer individual copies of the dual-signed prints for $1,499.99 each, and the Fairey-only-signed copies for $499.99 each.  Lastly, on Tuesday, September 29 they will offer 523 sets of 18″ x 24″ Fairey-signed screenprints for $215.99 per set (or $79.99 each).  To sort through this craziness, plus to keep up on sale links, visit ObeyGiant.com.

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  2. Shepard is making a killing and laughing at us just like banksy and kaws.But I love them all for it because it is making me be a hustler.

  3. These aren’t selling at all. 2 of the more expensive series have sold in the last 3 days. Repeat. They have sold 2 in the last 3 days.

  4. The people that say the first image looks like Barkley are just haters. If someone said that is an illustration of Barkley by Shepard Fairey, you would say, “it looks more like Jordan”. Just his right eye is a little off. I also think it is intended to be an illustration of him now, not when he was in his 20’s or 30’s.

  5. You guys are retarted. Fairey uses Vector / Illustrator images. All he did was take the picture, scan it and worked it out on Illustrator. How can it not look like him when it’s a traced picture? I’m not saying they are the niccest obey prints but for gods sake if you’re going to jump on the band wagon and diss the shit out of him, know your stuff. Any one that can make money flipping obey prints, should flip them now… Fairey is way to prolific… None of these open edition/ limited editions are going to worth much later on… He’s like the wallmart of prints.

  6. I was really hoping for either a Chicago White Sox version or a Wizards Player/Coach version.


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