Michael Jordan X Shepard Fairey X Upper Deck Art Prints (Onsale Info)

In conjunction with Upper Deck, Shepard Fairey has produced three art prints featuring the mighty Michael Jordan.  These are going to be released in a few different editions, so this description could get a bit hairy.  Later today (Thursday, September 17th), the first two offerings will drop:  First, Upper Deck will offer 50 sets of high-end 24″ x 36″ screenprints signed by both Fairey and Jordan for $4,499.99 per set.  Secondly, there will be 123 sets signed by Fairey only for $1,349.99 per set.  On Tuesday, September 22nd they will offer individual copies of the dual-signed prints for $1,499.99 each, and the Fairey-only-signed copies for $499.99 each.  Lastly, on Tuesday, September 29 they will offer 523 sets of 18″ x 24″ Fairey-signed screenprints for $215.99 per set (or $79.99 each).  To sort through this craziness, plus to keep up on sale links, visit ObeyGiant.com.

46 Responses to “Michael Jordan X Shepard Fairey X Upper Deck Art Prints (Onsale Info)”

  1. They do not even look like Michael Jordan. The two new ones look even worse than the first one posted here on OMG…

  2. First one looks like Barkley.

  3. first one looks like jordan… second one looks like jordan… third one looks like jordan

  4. The first one is pretty cool, I could pass on the second two. Those price points are utterly ridiculous, then again its Shep.

  5. Another boring, uninspired, and ridiculously overpriced print by Shepard Fairey. Just what the print world needs. Please stop pushing the same crap. Give us something different to look at. Barf!
    Let me guess, the next post will be about Emek. This blogger definitely needs to realize there is a whole world of prints out there! This site was cool when it was more about the art, and less about the site admin servicing specific artists over and over and over ad nauseum.

  6. I have only been in the poster collecting for about a year now really, so i dont really know the background or anything like that. But pretty much every shep print i have seen on here doesnt look to be anything special to me. All of them seem to be average at best. I guess i just dont get it..

  7. They all look like way too expensive. Just sayin.

    I would shell out for a Barkley print.
    Or a Wilt.
    Or a Dr J.
    Or a Larry Bird.
    Or a Dikembe Mutumbo.

  8. whenever things like this happen… it usually means a trend is on the down side.

    kind of like nike sb once it went to the black and purple boxes.

  9. $4,499.99 per set – no thank you, i’ll pass lulz!

  10. Speechless. I don’t care what the haters say. But definitely pricey. I’ll probably go for the cheap(er) ones.

  11. Is that Vince Carter I see?

  12. Gotta agree with most, these do not look good. Don’t look like Jordan and also not very exciting, especially the UNC one

  13. Nick, you’re insane. Nothing wrong with those players but come on jordan is the best basketball player of all time.

    Those prices are straight up retarded though. I thought about buying them but I think ill go with a car instead……

  14. nope michael jordan

  15. I was really hoping for either a Chicago White Sox version or a Wizards Player/Coach version.


  16. nope Vince Carter

  17. The Kobe upper deck was difficult to flip and that image was decent.Now these prints are just damn ugly.So being said they are neither collectable or flippable so why bother? On the flipside, Shep could sell blank papers and still sell out

  18. I would really love the top one if it was for someone other than Michael Jordan because it looks nothing like him.

    Or is it a different Michael Jordan and I just assumed it was the basketball player? If that’s the case then I like it.

  19. absolutely ridiculous.

  20. The first print Jordon looks “spooked” by something

  21. Over half a million dollars isnt that much to ask for 3 different sizes/quality sets of the same 3 images taken from photos, come on have you all lost your grip on reality, Give him a break he’s he’s got lawsuits against him lawsuits against others who are infringing on his brand identity, the guy dosent deserve it he’s an anarchic rebel who deserves respect and not the just the founder of a monster image and branding factory. I’m hoping that his next print is highlighting the plight of ephemera addicts who pay out huge sums of money to feed there addiction to ink on paper.

  22. Well said, but what about Banksy? He could vandalize and put up his own stuff in galleries.Try doing it at his shows and you have meathead security on your ass.I look up to Warren buffet, Joe Hill and Shepard Fairey.They all made something out of nothing.He is making so much money that he can stop making prints and will still be rich.I love his mindset.If I print it, they will buy it.I am not hating but loving how he makes a ton of money

  23. yea its a clever way to make tons of money to be sure and you have to admire his skills in pulling it off. Capitalist forces will take anything and turn it into a profit. Fairey has done a great job in taking anti capitalist , left wing, green movement imagery and making a dollar out of it. When he started putting up his images of andre people started asking what is this, what is it all about, who’s doing it. etc . You see this alot on tv adverts now when there is imagery but no mention of the product that it is trying to sell. When you have people interest because they like the style of your imagery you can sell products its not the product your buying into its the brand and what it is supposed to represent. Its incredible that he took the obey name and lots of his slogans etc from the film John Carpenter’s film They Live , most of his images have been from other peoples work, and i think he explains this as anything should be up for grabs its all out there take it, this is fine until you start to protect what you have taken with lawsuits etc
    and here
    To me it just shows that money making is at the heart of the art , maybe it wasnt always the case but it looks to me as it now. Or maybe shep is a victim of the monster he has created and laments the fact that he must pump out more to maintain obey industries. Whats beneath his skin a beating heart compassionate about the underdog , homeless dogs, windmills, gay rights, minority groups fighting big business, political prisoners, workers rights etc or is he just cynically exploiting every angle to maximise his profits. I must say though i dont know the guy maybe he does care about all this stuff. Maybe he’s like a robin hood figure putting prints out with political message to those with money to spare who need to feel a sense that there purchase gives them street cred or a sense that they are subversive and uses the money to fund groups who are fighting to change the way we live for the better. Whatever it is its definately a very interesting phenomonem.

  24. First one looks like Melo, at least to me it does.

    I think the price point is due in part to the target market. With the larger format editions they’re trying to appeal to the hardcore sports memorabilia collectors. With the smaller format edition, the hardcore Fairey print collectors.

  25. Jordan and Shep….two people who’s prime has loong since passed. This is sad and pathetic.



  28. Jordan really timed his entrance into the hall with this one. But, his speech was embarrassing. Did anyone see the baby? He was vindictive, contrite, and childish. I agree with the above in that these to me look nothing like Jordan. Wonder who is profiteering from this. The pricing is ridiculous. Jordan’s autograph just took a nose dive after that speech.

  29. He’s so good they named a country after him

  30. up now. 33 of the $$$ sets and 98 of the $ sets are still available. Will these sell out?

  31. I need to get my tracing skills up to par, I could be making a killing releasing everything for a fortune.

    I’m going to start with a three tone trace of Fairey

  32. Leaving aside the compelling question of Fairey’s greed versus need, these are easily some of the worst posters to have come out of Obey’s increasingly industrial industries. Completely lacking in creative vision, thoughtful composition, and basic taste.

    It’s a shame that Fairey’s reputation superseded his apparent interest in this project- imagine the series in the hands of some other artist, someone willing to spend the time to elevate this project from commercial to incomparable.


  33. when will Shepard Fairey learn that we are in a recession. he has no idea about how to price prints at market value ie: just price it at half of what he thought of pricing it!

  34. The second and third prints look like him, but that first one looks like a barkley/chappelle love child…

  35. That is why Shepard is the man, make prints at what ? 25¢ each and charge $45.He has/ buys in bulk (Paper,ink,screens) from his clothing money.Then he owns his studio out right so he is making not losing money.So then we always buy his prints and they sell out every week.I love the man.Does he care and support all the causes he does prints for?Maybe or maybe not , bottom line he is a smart business man and that is how I want to be.Phuck “I wanna be like Mike” , “I wanna be like Shep.” Like I said before he could sell blank papers and they will still sell out and I bet he could do it every week and guess what? They will sell out every week

  36. kind of ironic that jordan looks the oldest in his college uniform in this series

  37. I’ve met Shep. He seems to genuinely care for, and support the causes he gets behind. Let’s not forget he didn’t make much (if anything) directly off the Obama prints. Of course they helped propel him to where he is now, but that’s probably how it goes when you unwittingly come up with the image for an entire presidential campaign. Hard to hate the dude, but there’s still tons of it leaking out.

  38. Hey Now

    I don’t think anyone here is acting his character or political beliefs and motivations, I think its more of an attack on his lack of evolution and also extreme jealousy. Here is a guy that does very basic, easy stuff that we can all do but has turned it into an empire.

    My problem with Shep is that they all look alike. All great artists evolve but there doesn’t seem to be that much from Shep. I’m all for distinct style but honestly, how many 3 or 4 tone traces can you make let alone buy before you’ve had enough?

    In my eyes he and Obey have become a machine, a corporate machine that sells t-shirts in malls to people who think the graphics look cool and have no idea what the stories are behind them. It isn’t about railing against the system anymore. It isn’t about opening people’s eyes to all the crap going on. It isn’t about trying to reverse the bullshit ‘I’m getting mine, fuck ya’ll’ motion of the world, it’s about clothing the dejected youth with ironic messaging. He is now a cog in the wheel.

    I’m going to level with you, I wish I had the success that he has had. The true mark of artistic genius, to me, is taking the ordinary and making it look extraordinary. That’s what Shep did but its played out

    Shepard Fairey has a posse

    That’s just my opinion though, I could be wrong

  39. ok – you know what is kinda cool about this. Shep is in the “fine art” market – meaning that he can do a run of doo-doo stains, take em to a gallery, sell em high priced without any fans having seen them and go live in a castle somewhere… if he wanted to.

    That being said, I think the only neat thing about these prints is that they are being sold online like the rest the posters I love –

    That being said, I cant afford them and they arent as cool has 90% of the other stuff that hits OMG. So leave it for the flippers – you guys deserve a shamble every now and then.

    Plus – WIlt was a better baller than MJ. So is Shaq Diesel. BOOOOOM!

  40. oh man. i just read the memorabilia thing by headache. that is so true! huge market – sports geeks will love it! crossover success to new market – seriously. ace move SF!

  41. […] Michael Jordan X Shepard Fairey X Upper Deck Art Prints […]

  42. Shepard is making a killing and laughing at us just like banksy and kaws.But I love them all for it because it is making me be a hustler.

  43. These aren’t selling at all. 2 of the more expensive series have sold in the last 3 days. Repeat. They have sold 2 in the last 3 days.

  44. The people that say the first image looks like Barkley are just haters. If someone said that is an illustration of Barkley by Shepard Fairey, you would say, “it looks more like Jordan”. Just his right eye is a little off. I also think it is intended to be an illustration of him now, not when he was in his 20’s or 30’s.

  45. You guys are retarted. Fairey uses Vector / Illustrator images. All he did was take the picture, scan it and worked it out on Illustrator. How can it not look like him when it’s a traced picture? I’m not saying they are the niccest obey prints but for gods sake if you’re going to jump on the band wagon and diss the shit out of him, know your stuff. Any one that can make money flipping obey prints, should flip them now… Fairey is way to prolific… None of these open edition/ limited editions are going to worth much later on… He’s like the wallmart of prints.

  46. I was really hoping for either a Chicago White Sox version or a Wizards Player/Coach version.


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