New Alamo Drafthouse Posters Going Up Today

Here is your official heads up about some new Alamo Drafthouse posters going up today.  First off, they will be selling the show edition of Aaron Horkey’s Dead Man print.  Besides not having a gocco print on the back, and being numbered differently, it’s the same as the artist edition.  Secondly, they will be posting two amazing new posters by Jay Ryan for Sixteen Candles and The Breakfast Club.  Everything is limited, signed, numbered, etc.  These will go up sometime today at a random time (hint:  around lunch time in Texas).  Visit

EDIT:  Everything appears to be running smoothly now.  The Horkey print is sold out, but the other two are still available.

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  1. justin, how come you guys priced the horkey poster at $110 when they were retailed at $145 from the other site? just what’s the $35 price difference.

  2. Show edition was less expensive, which is quite common.

  3. Got the Jay Ryan Sixteen Candles. Would have gotten the other one, but the shipping was $14.99. Justin, care to clarify why it is so expensive this time for the shipping, even regular ground?

  4. Justin (or anyone)

    Can you explain the differences between the show edition and the version that went on sale a few days ago? whats this gocco print on the back all about? never heard of such a thing..

  5. I dont know why all the complaining about $15 shipping. I send prints all the time and it always cost me $12.00 after delivery confirmation and insurance. Add a $3.00 tube to that and your at $15.00. Seems reasonable to me. Emek charges $20 to ship his prints. Im guessing the horkey is going to be sent flat, so that might add to the cost as well. I know there was some talk about “premium packaging” on the first release, dont know if that applies to this show edition as well.

  6. Aaron will be doing larger, more deluxe numbering on the artist edition (like you see on some of his variants), and a gocco print is a small screenprint, kind of, if you google it, you’ll see. Little Japanese print machine. Aaron will be applying those by hand on the artist copies. Other than that, they are the same.

  7. both prints suck

  8. ^^^ they’re not even prints. they posters mang

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