Kevin Tong’s Whirlwind Tour of Chicago and Seattle

Kevin Tong is back from Flatstock Seattle and Renegade Craft Fair Chicago, and he comes with gifts.  Seriously, this guy runs one of the best blogs on the internet, jeez, this stuff must take him forever.  Anyway, Kevin has taken a ton of time to document what both of these experiences were like for him.  If you’ve ever wanted to see what these events are like from a poster artist’s perspective, then you’ll absolutely love this.  Photos, videos, stories, etc (what you see here is a TINY portion of what he has up).  Visit

Check out this test print that Kevin passed around for every artist at Flatstock to doodle on!  Crazy stuff, click for larger views:

4 Responses to “Kevin Tong’s Whirlwind Tour of Chicago and Seattle”

  1. Kevin Tong’s consistent presence on this blog has increased its coolness by 18.4%.

  2. Kevin fucking rules. His new Letterpress print? BEAUTY.

  3. Thanks guys, you rule. Coincidentally, my self esteem has risen 18.4 %.

  4. That’s a lotta Tong in one day. Could get cavities. 3/4 dentists agree.

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